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It is the mission of DRS Technologies to be a leading, mid-tier defense technologies business by earning the respect of our clients, suppliers, competitors and fellow workers through out commitment to the highest standards of ethics, good quality, and responsiveness. The system will accomplish world’s greatest practice, incorporating advanced technologies to handle predicted future increases in air traffic volumes. We’re nevertheless more than six months away from Chinese President Xi Jinping’s check out to the United States, but you would not know it from the quantity of bilateral meetings getting billed as in preparation for Xi’s arrival. This month the news website The Intercept revealed a new National Safety Agency document (PDF) outlining the ongoing battle among Iran and the United States in cyberspace.

The memo, dated from April 2013, was ready for then N.S.A. director and head of U.S. Cyber Command General Keith B. Alexander and contains a number of talking points for the general’s interaction with the head of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) — the British equivalent to the American N.S.A. It is intended to address common requirements for present and future unmanned aircraft systems.

The alliance will see the two organisations function closely collectively on a range of study and improvement projects related to aerospace defence technologies. The Alliance became accountable for the command, coordination and arranging of the force, such as the provision of a force commander and headquarters on the ground in Afghanistan. The technological revolution that has resulted from the explosion in the use of digital technologies in the civilian globe has place info at the very heart of the instruments of power.

The group will consist of a Joint Cyber Unit hosted by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) whose function will be to develop new tactics, tactics and plans to provide military effects, such as enhanced security, by way of operations in cyberspace. This radio, which is carried by platoon, squad and group-level Soldiers for voice communications, can connect with handheld devices to transmit text messages, GPS locations and other information. Below the new war-fighting idea, the complete combat resources and support components will be managed through a single command centre at Pachpadra, which will use the newest technologies to get a complete image of the battle.

As soon as the efficacy of the doctrine has been established in the exercising, the theory would be implemented, paving the way for a radical re-structuring of the Indian command technique as nicely as the Indian Army Headquarters. As reported by and other news sources, the U.S. Division of Defense announced final week the creation of a new office to integrate air and naval combat capabilities in help of emerging national security specifications, named the Air-Sea Battle Workplace (ASBO).