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The Creation of the Light Emitting Diode Backlights Nowadays customers are looking for more reliable, more convenient display in any screen or monitors, LED backlights or the Light Emitting Diode is one of the most interesting item that the consumer will look into. Lots of manufacturers today are comparing between their Light Emitting Diode – LED or the Liquid Crystal Display – LCD in which of both screens are most advanced and reliable monitors. The Light Emitting Diode was blindly lead people to think that it was the upgraded version of the Liquid Crystal Display which later turn into a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp or CCFL. In the Light Emitting Diode, the companies can now use of the so called dynamic contrast features, thanks to the Light Emitting Diode’s rapid brightness adjustments. Even in adjusting the entire backlights of the Light Emitting Diode to match with the overall darkness of any scene is still questionable, it can allow the big screen and the misleading numbers to be adjusted well with the contrast ratios. In the end having a Light Emitting Diode is a big help to customers, due to its features of being light, thinner, mercury and arsenic free and it consumes less power, energy and heat. As we look closely to the monitors and screens using an advance technology, and will become more predominant, still Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp backlighting can be still used in monitors or screens. Thinner monitors or screens can please the customers eyes appealingly, but it also has its undesirable effect. Being thin the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp and Light Emitting Diode display can be vulnerable from bending during or after producing. An issue will occur such as backlight bleeding and clouding if being thin and will bend it can aggravate the luminance regularity. Light Emitting Diode backlight has a main disadvantage, it has an narrower spectral range of light they emit comparing to the Wide Colour Gamut Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp backlights. So still many manufacturers did not drop out the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp backlighting on some of their saleable models, as it created a wider colour gamut essential for picture processing and viewing. To create a broad-spectrum white light, a thin choice of Light Emitting Diodes backlights screen overcame the wider colour gamut restriction, by creating the tri color which is the red, green and blue. The Red, Green, Blue-Light Emitting Diode RGB-LED backlighting is a rare alternative choice to the White Light Emitting Diode or the WLED. Even if the Red, Green Blue-Light Emitting Diode or the RGB-LED designs flaunted the colour gamut, and even the White Colour Gamut-Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp or the WCG-CCFL backlights that could not usually reach the technology that never had happen before.

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