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Steps to Successful Data Center Migration When you want to migrate your data center, it is important to ensure your clients’ businesses will be protected during the migration. A lot of problems can occur during data migration. Unauthorized access, data corruption and other losses are among the problems that can be experienced. This is why it is crucial to prepare for any risks that can happen during the migration. This means you should have a well-designed data migration plan. When designing a data center migration plan, keep the following in mind: Know What You are Migrating The way data centers work is quite complicated. The typical data center has many complicated hardware and software applications that support your clients’ businesses. Moreover, the many cables in the data centers can make migration see a nightmare. Before you start migrating your data center, it is crucial to know what data you will be moving. You will be risking your clients’ businesses if you establish timelines and budgets before collecting data on what is to be moved. Confirm the applications your customers use that are hosted on your data centers. Find out the owners of the applications and the downtimes they will be okay with. Other things to think about include operating system requirements, rack layout, allowed downtime, and connectivity.
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You should come up with a migration strategy when you have information on the business requirements of your new data center. You should know the potential risks you will face during the move, how long the move will take and the anticipated costs.
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Sometimes, customers may be pushing your planned migration back by asking for various considerations. On your part, you may want the migration to be undertaken fast and without your business incurring a huge cost. Make sure your customers understand how the migration will affect their operations. Also, find out from your customers how much downtime the can accept during the migration. Check Your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) You need a solid plan for your migration to be successful. The plan should include overall program management, IT infrastructure, contingency planning n facilities planning and coordination. Your data center migration should be undertaken by experienced personnel. When you have experts helping you with the migration, things become easy. However, problems can also occur during data center migration. One challenge you will face is determining whether or not the applications will “break” during the migration. You should ensure no applications break during the migration to avoid downtimes. A contingency plan should be created for application migration to ensure your clients will have confidence in your business.