Digital Literacy In The Laptop Age And Why It Matters

The term technologies may possibly lead folks to assume that instructional technology is the use of computer systems in teaching and studying. Ultimately, two essential concerns address the incorporation of technology into two major elements of college management: the processes and practices themselves, and the evaluation of administrative and instructional staff. Technology integration is 1 domain that could effectively need particular data collections, despite the fact that wherever achievable in the handbook, indicators and information components have been advised that can be located in, or very easily added to, current record systems. Standards set measurable targets for technologies integration they do not assign worth positions to the outcomes of measurement.

In order to get measures for the indicators in this chapter, the Technology in Schools Process Force has looked for requirements that might supply criteria to which behaviors and practices could be compared. The quantity of distance education courses provided is an indication of the penetration of distance education into the school’s instructional base.

Requirements for proficiency in the use of technology by students, teachers, and administrators have been mapped by way of the operate of the International Society for Technology in Education and other national groups. For the integration standards, teachers can full coursework, serve as a technology course instructor, prepare a portfolio, or present at a conference.

Standards are worthwhile in assessing technology integration to the extent that they offer reference points for measurement: rubrics or lists of genuine and observable performances that demonstrate the use of technologies in context. They have determined eight teacher technology competencies, divided into two competency skill regions: operational (requirements 1-four) and integration (standards 5-8).

The issue of the desirability of technology integration relates to the hyperlinks between technology adoption and educational or management outcomes, which are beyond the province of this guide. Three key inquiries deal with the incorporation of technology into teaching and learning standards, into student assessment, and into evaluations of instructional and administrative staff.