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The TLPDC supplies training and help for the use of Turning Technologies student response polling answer (clickers”). If your institution has adopted TurningPoint Cloud, you have to produce a Turning Account 1st in order to download the application. Turning Technologies receivers are installed in numerous places, such as all of the lecture halls in the Javits Lecture Center. It is also feasible to check out a clicker kit from the AV Desk (Javits 104) for single event usage. Students will use this tool to associate their UW NetID with the number of their response device.

On the subsequent screen, they will be prompted to enter their device ID (and the Captcha code), then click Register Device. In addition to supporting desktops, laptops, netbooks, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry and Android, (as nicely as scanned paper tests), we now support integration with classroom response devices (often known as clickers”)!

They usually mention that they have a set or two of classroom response devices. In the first portion of June, we did a field test of the integration with Turning Technologies and their ResponseCard NXT devices These are truly cool devices, and classroom sets are nicely-priced. The Response Card RF LCD by Turning Technologies is generally a extremely great item.

If you have not noticed the NXT cards, they’re extremely cool, because they enable a student to operate via the test at their own pace. Because Naiku works in real-time, teachers see students operating through their tests proper from their personal internet browser even with the Turning NXT cards! Naiku operates in a blended mode also, so if you have some students utilizing classroom response devices, mobile phones, iPads or laptops, the identical test can be taken and all of the final results come collectively on Naiku.

Sign-up to see Naiku in action, and give us a call if you are prepared to leverage your investment in classroom response technologies with Naiku! Scantron now delivers the award-winning student response system and software from our companion Turning Technologies. Offering an engaging tool for students in the K-12 classroom, we’re providing the latest in response keypad technologies to boost classroom interaction and provide instant feedback as a indicates to improve achievement. Participants can respond to interactive questions with any web-enabled device through apps or net browsers.