Definition & Types

Technologies parks are models to capitalize on understanding in national and regional development, are powerful instruments in the transfer of technology, creation and attraction of companies with high added value. In America, a committed amateur neighborhood — the biohackers” or grinders” — has been experimenting with implantable technologies for a number of years. We hear the term Large Information used in numerous contexts when applied to wellness information it will likely be the smart integration of massive information sets from the ‘Internet of things’ with the small information about your activity, mood, and other details.

Extremely great writing, media and technology has been ‘manipulating the masses’ even ahead of Tv. It is a fantastic comfort for individuals, but a potent tool for those that control it!! If Technologies and the Web do not rule us yet, they will, in the extremely near future, dictate and design, influence and alter our globe as we know it permanently. This discourse is bout and also examines how concepts of function, autonomy, artificial intelligence and purpose-driven technology converge and impact strategy, also affecting the user and all-round-reality.

Technologies need to be observed as an integral component of the social method and an offshoot of human creativity. Technologies is new information whose social and political implications can not be ignored, and that they are true and by restricting it to narrow financial considerations, stifles present improvement and arrests future possibilities. Every little thing is every thing in terms of the Media Ecology we exist in and the lens of Media Ecology, somewhat offers answer to all these obscure attributes of strategy, technology and communications.

How true is real will be determined by the amelioration of all diverse recognized patterns and theories, and technologies and their tactics too, that deal with media and its atmosphere and how these make the human getting a center of their interrogation and applications along with all his reality — and these of the technologies. Technologies can effortlessly be referred to as the scientific expertise to the sensible issues we are experiencing in the planet today. Technologies has drastically helped us to turn out to be more efficient therefore increasing our productivity.

Our environments are all so complete of technology to the point that most of the time we take it for granted and in no way really notice the level of impact that it has on us till when we have no phone, transport, water or electricity. I am a Media Ecologist and I study the environments of the media, technologies and the Universe and its entities.