Definition Of Technology Literacy

Ahead of I start off applying technologies literacy to employment, it is initial necessary to recognize the definition of technology literacy. At a time when there seems to be a wide range of ‘literacies’ in education – physical literacy, emotional literacy, musical literacy, details literacy, media literacy, visual literacy, cultural literacy, functional literacy, monetary literacy, social literacy….the list is endless, I especially liked this humorous tweet from @edtechhulk on this literacy terminology ‘overload’.

Neither is the enterprise…” Effectively, the word people” happens in the definition of social software,” which is the second sentence in the above quote and part of my sub-definitions for E2.. My major, 1-sentence definition involves the folks-ish social.” And I used the plural of company” as an alternative of enterprise” in this definition since of a simple rule of excellent lexicography: the definition of a word need to not contain the word itself.

Berg says that my technology-centric definition… is missing what produced the social web the social net – the individuals, not the technologies.” I’ve asserted from the get-go that it really is the mixture of the folks and some novel technology that yielded Web 2. (a term I like much better than the social web”) and Enterprise 2.. Men and women have often been around on the Net and in the enterprise, and they’ve constantly wanted to locate every single other, interact, and collaborate.

For what it’s worth, I’ve modified my definition just a bit to contain the why of E2.. In my book and a Harvard Company Evaluation post that will appear in November, I say that Enterprise two. is the use of emergent social computer software platforms by organizations in pursuit of their goals.” I hope it really is clear adequate, and valuable to you.

I believe educational technology embodies all of these items and applaud how the AECT definition committee fittingly describe educational technologies metaphorically as a sphere of activity” in which folks interact with other men and women, data and items in pursuit of enhanced understanding (AECT Definition and Terminology Committee document #MM4., 2004, p.14).