Definition From Responsible Technologies

This definition was agreed at a King’s Fund consultation meeting in March 2001 to replace the term disability equipment. Literacy – the ability to read and write” or the broader definition of being knowledgable or educated in a specific field or fields ”. Both really straight-forward and explanatory definitions. For that reason if I was to put the two definitions collectively then it could give me a definition something along the lines of, a persons information in utilizing pc technology”. Educational technology is whatever stuff you need to have to use to support the practice of efficient teaching and understanding.

I’ll start with this definition from the Royal Society, it comes from the influential Shut down and restart?” (2012) report which is quite much at the heart of the curriculum modifications in England and the ICT Steering Group in Wales suggestions. Maybe the only difference I can choose up in this is the reference to an increasingly digital world” which we don’t locate in the Royal Society’s definition. Their definition appears focussed only on functional skills (fundamental ability or capability to use a pc), e-security (confidently, safely and effectively), successful communication (email) and the capacity to discover and select data (the potential to use…web search engines).

Futurelab are now introducing creativity, critical considering and evaluating, cultural and social understanding and collaboration into the digital literacy mix. In my subsequent series of blog postings I hope to look at a couple of current digital literacy frameworks, what digital literacy appears like in the new English Computing PoS and possibly how a new statutory digital literacy (or wider capabilities framework) could work alongside a new Computing curriculum for Wales. It appears that agreement about what technology is—and even if a definition must be sought at all—has not been reached.

Now the definition of technology literacy is considerably richer and more complicated due to the fact there is a lot more information obtainable than ever before. The speakers contended that each and every new technologies weakens or adjustments or current definitions”, for which they gave the instance of the aspect of IL about selecting and evaluating, exactly where in digital or laptop literacy the equivalent aspects are restricted (my word, not theirs) to the computer systems or application.

The etymology of the word technology suggests that it has long had a socio-technical which means and, furthermore, Foucault’s definition of four kinds of technologies suggests a framework in which a socio-technical definition of technology can be usefully detailed. In this case the definition aids to give a broad and deeply contextual understanding of what technologies is (in its tangible and intangible types), the processes which it influences and the processes which influence it.