Culver City, CA

In a nod to its proud and wealthy heritage, Las Vegas is preparing on erecting a museum to the mob” to open by 2011. Wilson tells the story of how he was top a double life of sorts – working in the entertainment industry and curating the museum – when he was invited by a buddy to watch what was possibly bootleg VHS tapes,” of the Quay’s function. Yet each and every book is published below the dubiously named Society for the Diffusion of Beneficial Information.

This was a very exciting experience, and I would advise the Museum of Jurassic Technology, but bring some buddies so it does not really feel as spooky. There was also a section in the museum that was entirely committed to superstitions and ancient cures, such as mice on toast as a cure for bed-wetting (Blitz). The museum itself is tucked away behind an unassuming facade in Culver City, despite the fact that the flutter of white canopies on the roof hints at some of the whimsy ahead.

The initial (and only) explanation individuals have a tendency to provide about the Museum of Jurassic Technology, aka the MJT, is that it is indescribable.” The name is deliberately perplexing, and the official internet site, besides appearing like a time capsule of the Internet circa 1998, offers handful of concrete insights. Above all, embrace the creeping sensation that not every little thing in this museum ought to be absorbed at face value.

For-profit museums like the International Spy Museum or the Museum of Sex appear just like any other museum to their guests, but their governance, accountability, and regulatory atmosphere are so distinct that the National Standards and Ideal Practices for U.S. Museums don’t cover them. I have dodged the question what is the definition of a museum” for years, by referring inquirers to this fantastic compendium of museum definitions compiled by John Simmons. Interesting that you mention the Museum of Jurassic Technology, due to the fact I am a fan of their definition of the museum as a ‘center for the muse’. The Reduced Jurassic is a geologic time period that was some 200 million years ago.

As a museum educator I am inclined to say that the objective of a museum is educational and the point that distinguishes it from other centres of education is that it preserves, studies, displays and gives access to examples of material culture. On the second floor of the museum is a memorial of the initial living creatures to leave Earth and attain the cosmos.