Create Your First Website With WordPress

Create your very first website with wordpress is not hard. There are so many CMS available to create a new website, they are easy, sometimes drag & drop features, a little coding, stunning design. Some another CMS is like :

  • Joomla
  • Abante
  • Drupal

But if you start with wordpress I can give a few tips, but for the complete you can find out more on another professional blogger site available outside. Ok, we can start with :

Create Website

  1. Passion

A passion? Why? Not Skill or something? Emm nope, passion is the 1st, blogging is about passion, what is your hobby? What is your everyday life? What is your passion to do this thing? If you have 100% passion on this project, I will guarantee that will be successful.

  1. Niche Of You 1st Site

Example if you have passion about gaming, why you do not make an article about gaming? Game is not a cruel, it’s a hobby! That’s why I make a “PASSION” thing on the number 1. You will make a website with your niche, so that website will 100% unique with your passion & skill, that will be perfect right?

  1. Content or Article

From number 2 above, if this project based on your passion and hobby, making a content is super duper easy. Your hand will start writing automatically on every single page you create. Just give special design like a few images, videos, on every content you created later.

  1. Domain & Hosting

Just buy a cheap domain and hosting to start your new project. Maybe 30$ more than enough.

  1. Installing WordPress

Just make sure on sheet auto update you make an autoupdate once a week

  1. Plugins

After installing wordpress you need to install a few tweak plugins like, 404 to start, XML sitemap and PSautositemap.

  1. Start Monetizing

Well your site is done, just relax and enjoy your writing process, after a few month you can make money from your site.

I will discuss a monetizing site on the next chapter, hope this will help you to create your 1st site.