To be human is superior in the future, one of which is able to control and able to read and are on trend Development of Computer Technology. Who could have thought that computer technology is growing rapidly, and is also one vital part in everyday life.

At first the computer used like counting, because the word computer comes from the words “to compute” is to count. Over time, computer technology was developed not just a calculating machine but also a machine that can process data.

The data initially be small and simple algorithm, slowly getting bigger and more complex. Seeing these developments, if realized any period of time, has a technology development trend of different computers in accordance with the state of the current era past. That is because the ability of computer technology is different too. For loans tips you can see it in online loans for people with bad credit.

Computers in the beginning is a form of a very big machine. The more complex the ability, the greater the size of the computer. Even able to fill half of our indoor rooms. At the time of the application or the operating system are just a few choices with limited capabilities anyway.

The operating system used has a function as an application is made for us and the computer can communicate. One of the operating system was known at the time for computer users is the Unix operating system. Then slowly changing trend of development of computer technology.

Personal Computer

One of the figures who managed to turn the trend of development of computer technology is Bill Gates, the ruler who founded his own company, namely Microsoft. With a very young age. He initially had a simple dream, that wish could make each home has its own computer or personal, and in the end that we are familiar with a PC (Personal Computer).

He changed the image of the computer that originally only machine that is simple and has a view that is not interesting to be otherwise. He has managed to make computers become interesting things and make people have it.

Computer form was slowly change. At first it was great, then become small to be placed on our desks. Even the shape of any variety. With the birth of the phenomenon of the Personal Computer (PC), the emerging trend is also part of another development of computer technology, data processor memory, and so on.

Computer hardware

The development of computer hardware on which further encourages the development trend of computer technology. Data storage media which originally was only able to measure a limited and very small. Eg floppy disks can only store very small files. Even when the size of a floppy disk is large, quite difficult to carry.

Then at this point, diskettes have been replaced with other storage media, such as USB (Universal Serial Bus), CD (Compact Disc), DVD (Digital Video Disc), Memory card, and so on. Even the media mentioned above slowly existing unmatched. Technology hardware has a tendency to be smaller, but has a huge ability.

One impact of the development of computer technology is the technology of games on the computer. Games on the computer slowly getting lively, has a graphical display smooth and very fast.

Mobile Computer

After the development trend of computer technology on personal computers shifted on computer technology to carry anywhere or in tote, which is a laptop. Where possible use your laptop for a user to perform the operation of a computer anywhere and anytime, without having to be at home or office. Ease of computers that offered mobile manifold.

In addition to laptops, birth is also similar, namely notebooks, notebook. Even computer technology at ease for this mobile which initially is large enough, the current size also varied from moderate to tiny. Moreover pushed manufacturers vying offer prices that light, the more types of portable computer users this.

In addition, the development trend of computer technology today has some new terms that are applied in the implementation of computer technology, such as Green Technology, Cloud Computing, Social Network, mobile computing and others. These terms are triggered on the development of computer technology.

If we look, the trend actually lead to the development of computer technology allows us the job, hobby or even just playing games. Then it also leads to function, the user, the form, the better the performance. It is not impossible computers can only be located in the grip.

Yes as can currently be seen in the form of a smartphone. Later allows us can not distinguish between a computer and a phone (for both of them in one hand).

May be useful.