Coming To A Definition Of Technology

Technology encompasses several diverse constructs that have been categorized by many state and national programs, organizations and standards. There are many countries presently functioning in this technology trying to find out some way for using this technology as a strategic weapon. It might be far more dangerous if this technology will be used to damage internal brain of the enemies folks. We can just hope that this technologies will not be use for any criminal or war purpose and will only be use for the improvement and benefit of our society and mankind. Nanotechnology can be combined with other technology to produce a high top quality, higher functionality novel solution. Information and Communication Technologies as a field of study is a difficult one in the light of the foregoing.

Such as, nanotechnology can be use with laptop technologies to produce higher functionality and higher quality pc chips, micro processor, circuits, and other hardware devices which will take quite small space and thus they will reduce the current size of pc and its other internal and external devices. It creates an avenue for exchange of tips and inventions amongst info technologies scholars locally and internationally.

Nanotechnology can also be utilized with space science technologies to generate highly advance and sophisticated devices and equipments which can be effortlessly carry to the orbit to perform space research missions. It is consequently incumbent on education curriculum developers to location ICT as a hub around which other disciplines revolve at least for the fact that it is a platform on which modern day understanding requires spot. They have every single reason to think that anything can be done by technologies and they are probably correct!

Data and Communication Technology can basically be defined from the standpoint of a contemporary and faster technology media of sending and getting details from one particular location to another or from one person to yet another. Poor orientation or foundation about the topic: The initial challenge in embracing ICT as a field of study for students who have no prior orientation from their foundational education is that of speedy assimilation. The Millennium Generation cannot be understood without also understanding of the technology of the 21st century.

They have never known a time without immediate messaging, social media, genuine-time games, global interconnection and a lot of other marvels brought about by technology. In reality, the Millennium Generation can’t begin to recognize a time when technologies was not a vital portion of almost almost everything that goes on in the globe. Millennium children are not burdened by the complexity of the pc nor the reasonably slow evolution of technology.