Clickers can be needed in courses exactly where faculty use them to take attendance, poll or quiz students, or get student feedback on comprehension of course material. The ResponseCard RF LCD (only utilised for polling) will price the student roughly $42.65 for new clicker at the campus bookstore and $32.00 at the Turning Technologies website. NOTE: If a student has a ResponseCard, they do not also need to buy a ResponseWare license. If you would like to attempt utilizing the clicker in your class this semester, you can request an instructor kit at the following link: /instructorkit The instructor kit comes with a clicker and a USB drive that has the software program on it and it also acts as a RF (radio frequency) device.

Below is a list of step-by-step instructions that you can print to help guide you or your students in employing Turning Technologies clickers. They can support you get the clicker registration set up for your class and they can show you how to get the clicker grades into Blackboard. More info about this clicker is offered at the Turning Technologies internet website. Please enter your GT account (e.g, gtg123h, or jsmith34, not the 9-digit number) into your clicker as the user ID.

Log on to , go to your course internet site, click Clickers on the left menu, and you will see directions on how to register your device there. Your clicker ID can be located at the bottom on the back of your clicker, for example, Device ID: 0DB23C. Georgia Tech does not have an institutional subscription license for ResponseWare. If you choose to make the purchase, please verify TurningPoint ResponseWare Purchase on how to acquire ResponseWare and the pricing info. Right after you acquire the license for utilizing ResponseWare, you will receive an email with your license code and instructions on setting up an account for using the application.

Soon after you set up the account, you will be given a device ID. You need to have to register your ResponseWare in T-Square with this device ID. If you can not find it in the bookstore, speak to Turning Technologies for getting. Alert: The license fee is included when you purchase a new clicker from the University Bookstore. To register an older clicker, a Turning Account scratch-off card is needed, available for obtain from the University Bookstore. Note: In some courses, you might need to have to click Tools on the left and then click Turning Account Registration.

Press a corresponding crucial on the clicker to submit an answer to a classroom clicker question. Some faculty members enable students to use the ResponseWare mobile clicker app nonetheless, to use the app, students are still needed to buy a clicker license. ResponseWare is an app for iPhones , iPads and Android that can be utilised in spot of a clicker where there is enough Wi-Fi coverage. Students can also access ResponseWare in a Web browser To join a classroom clicker session using ResponseWare, students enter a distinctive Session ID provided by the faculty member.