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Air conditioning was once considered a luxury only available to society’s elite. Over time, these systems became more advanced and more affordable, eventually becoming just another comfort of home. Today, though, much of the world views air conditioning as a necessity without which life is almost unbearable.

This is never more evident than when someone who is accustomed to air conditioning is forced to spend a few days in the presence of a broken unit. For an experienced professional, repairing a malfunctioning A/C system is usually a simple matter of locating a damaged part, replacing it, and inspecting the remainder of the system to ensure no other components are on the brink of failure; however, in some cases, the unit in question is beyond repair.

Those air conditioning systems that have far outlived their life expectancy must be replaced. Fortunately, today’s systems are a great deal more efficient than those of as little as ten years ago. Modern units are said to use at least 40 percent less energy than their predecessors, and they are much more effective at their jobs.

Some systems can be adjusted or turned on or off via smartphone or other device for even greater energy savings. With a ductless system, temperature can be varied by room rather than uniformly throughout the home. Though these systems are great for older homes without pre-existing duct work, or home additions, many are choosing to have them installed in newly built homes.

A ductless system offers efficiency equal to that of central units with a great deal more versatility. Since each room receives its own unit, the temperature can be raised in an unoccupied area, or the unit can be turned off, for greater energy savings. Eliminating the need for duct work can also save homeowners thousands of dollars in materials and labor over a ducted system. This lack of extra components also reduces the number of future repair needs.

Central air conditioning still has its place depending on the preferences of the homeowner and typical high temperatures for the area in question. If a central unit is already installed, replacing it with a ductless system may not be the most practical choice. Click here to schedule a consultation to determine if one of the available ductless systems is right for your home.