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Technology is a billion dollar market, It has come a lengthy way by the aid of imaginative and inspiring leaders, who thought absolutely nothing was impossible. Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) – a technoprogressive” think tank – promotes the concept of optimistic technological progress and its ethical use to catalyze future human improvement. They publish articles on emerging technological trends, an academic journal and host conferences on future trends. IEEE Spectrum: Advancing Technologies for Humanity publishes articles on technology, engineering, and applied science – reporting on robotics, computing, gadgets, transportation, power and biomedicine. Teach the Future is an education initiative (begun by Peter Bishop) to incorporate pondering about the future in college curricula.

MIT’s Technologies Overview covers the latest in technological innovation, specifically in the fields of biotech, materials science, AI, VR, robotics, computing, and power technologies, plus occasional fictional explorations of science — one particular penned by yours really. Subsequent Huge Future : Coverage of Disruptive Science and Technologies (by futurist Brian L. Wang) provides updates on energy, space travel and science investigation, as well as advances in technology, robotics, quantum computers, Artificial Intelligence and medicine. Project Tango devices can use visual cues to aid recognize the planet around them.

Io9: We Come from the Future : is the go-to spot for daily coverage of items science fictional… leaning toward the science side… plus reviews of popular culture, and suggestions about the globe of tomorrow, run by Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz with blogs by (amongst other folks ) George Dvorsky. Innovation Watch : The Future is Here (compiled by David Forrest) offers hyperlinks to news on robotics, renewable energy, population, the world wide web, medicine, and entrepreneurship. World wide web of Items (IoT) is another really significantly researched technologies now a days.

Significant Wonder: The Future Has Arrived: a site that tracks futuristic technology, robotics, science, space, VR, design, transhumanism and science fiction, with standard podcasts posted. Center for the Study of Existential Danger (CSER), at the University of Cambridge – is devoted to analyzing the possible risks that threaten the long-term future of humanity.

Institute for the Future (IFTF) is a nonprofit organization (Director Marina Gorbis) that appears toward technologies horizons, seeking approaches of foresight that enable strategic organizing for the future. Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford supports cross-disciplinary research in science and philosophy to look at the future of humanity and existential dangers.