Carly Fiorina’s Enterprise Record Is At Least As Poor As Donald Trump’s

When Carly Fiorina announced that she was running for president in May possibly, she was the only Republican candidate running on business experience. But even if Fiorina can score debating points against Trump on this problem, company credentials are not really as crucial a talent set for a president as either Fiorina or Trump would lead voters to believe. The leadership of Lucent fell to Henry B. Schacht (a former New York Instances board member) and later to Richard McGinn, who largely oversaw its ascent and demise. Regardless, her senior part at Lucent deserves continued focus as the country debates her presidential bona fides. Sorensen, 66, was a Lucent employee when Fiorina took over a division of that business.

Sorensen accused Fiorina of mismanaging the firm, sending stock costs tumbling and, with it, taking nearly $500,000 Sorensen stated she had invested as part of a retirement plan. Fiorina’s camp did not respond to a CNN request for comment about her record as a Lucent executive in the late 1990s. France’s Alcatel, the world’s greatest maker of broadband Net equipment, and smaller sized rival Lucent Technologies Inc.

Lucent would problem about 14 million shares for Marlborough, Mass.-based Nexabit, a closely held developer of so-called terabit routers, which are more rapidly than Cisco System’s routers. ACT Networks in Camarillo has reached a manufacturing agreement with Lucent Technologies, below which Lucent will industry certain items in ACT’s NetPerformer Multi-Service Access product line beneath the Lucent brand. Lucent Technologies and U.S. Venture Partners stated they formed a company that will make products to help people prove their identities and safeguard themselves from impersonators by means of electronic fingerprinting technologies.

Veridicom Inc.’s initial commercial solution will be a postage-stamp-size fingerprint sensor used to retrieve details, authorize purchases or enter restricted locations. Beaten-down Lucent Technologies rose $2 to $18.69 on Tuesday partly on rumors that wireless telephone giant Nokia (NOK) could make a takeover bid. And Fiorina angered a lot of employees with a huge layoff correct following the acquisition, cutting a reported 30,000 HP jobs.

Chief Executive Patricia Russo bought shares in the telephone-gear maker for the initial time considering that taking the job in January, adding to her stake as the stock traded close to historical lows. Lucent Technologies Inc.’s banks agreed Thursday to amend their loan agreements with the troubled telecommunications giant, enabling the company to proceed with its restructuring work-such as enormous new job cuts. The new loan covenants also will let Lucent total its spinoff of Agere Systems, its semiconductor and optical-elements division that it took public earlier this year. Fiorina seems prepared to serve Trump a softball if she’s going to run on her business record.