Bottomline Technologies To Present At Group Treasurers’ Exchange In Munich Nasdaq

Bottomline Technologies supplies collaborative payment, invoice and document automation options to corporations, financial institutions and banks around the world. This phase of human development was interrupted by the altering and creating societies from rudimentary technologies, to automation and newly invented technologies in all spheres of human and social endeavors and require for adjust. Technology became Media which slowly started eroding and dissipating borders and limitations that curtailed human connectedness and communication this also had the effect of corroding and slowly dislocating the rigid and time encrusted social relations of master and servant/slave. As these gadgets and their technologies merged, we began to witness the extension and booming of human communication and connection.

So long as 1 is surfing the web on the cell phone, logging, posting, chatting and sending photographs, text messaging and so on, the rigid social relations are replaced by a new form and format of human connection, conversation and communication. Social relations are no a lot more only land primarily based, but are on the tendrils and nervous-method-like connections fed by the Satellite and the nascent and emerging technologies, tactics and media savviness of its customers, globally. New technologies and strategies applied amidst a milieu in any style, tends to have unforeseen consequences.

This is full and total change for the customers of the technologies since the old becomes obsolete and the new net data-soup our present and ‘here’ and ‘now’. In a word: We are our technologies these days Technologies are us. This maxim is true and describes the condition of the users of the new technologies aptly. Our dependency on these technologies and their methods erodes our ability to do something with no and outdoors of these new merging and emergent technologies and techniques. Funds flow gives a snapshot of relative buying and promoting pressure in a stock.

I have, for example, no hostility toward new technologies and certainly no want to destroy them, particularly those technologies, like computers, that have captured the imagination of educators. I can go on with a thousand examples which demonstrate the point that new technologies drive old technologies out of enterprise which is to say that there is an imperialistic thrust to technologies, a strong tendency to get every person to conform to the needs of what is new.

What I am driving at is that the great problems of education are of a social and moral nature and have nothing at all to do with dazzling new technologies. In reality, the new technologies so loudly trumpeted in TECHNOS and in other venues are themselves not a resolution to something, but a dilemma to be solved. The behavior of individuals has changed and is somehow being conditioned by the gizmos they use, and the dictates of the strategies embedded inside these technologies.