BlackBerry Ltd. (USA) Completes The Good Technology Acquisition

Throughout a conference contact to announce the deal, BlackBerry CEO John Chen mentioned that the firms would work to combine the BlackBerry and Excellent device management platforms, but that the work would probably take two years or a lot more. That doesn’t come about extremely typically, which makes this move even much more worth watching, since the customers, Great personnel and investors will all get a lot greater outcome than if either company had place up a fight. By the time the leaked BlackBerry Venice arrives later this year , it looks like it will be a excellent phone to use for work. It was 1.2 billion yesterday, most of it becoming a loan… this acquisition puts BBRY close to insolvency. It is also double what it spent on QNX, its previously-largest acquisition back in 2010.

With the acquisition of Great, BlackBerry has expanded its potential to offer a unified, secure mobility platform with applications and solutions for any mobile device on any operating system – supported by safety that has been certified by governments around the globe embedded in every single element of the mobility infrastructure. There is a pretty good number of them out there too The Play Store has apps for accessing intranet, managing contacts, and handling email. This acquisition, which will price BlackBerry $425 million, is a great fit for the organization. Good Technology has an excellent worth proposition for each investors and customers.

This is massive now that much more firms are moving from blackberry to iphones and using iphones with Excellent apps. Anyway, what some BlackBerry addicts never understand is that there has been a concerted and properly orchestrated attack on BlackBerry from Google and Apple for years. Other than 6’200 cleints I feel Great is JUNK we use it with BES10 at function and I can assure you it’s filled with concerns! As to the stock value, I have no doubt that it will go up. One of the huge beefs that Wall street has with Blackberry was Chen’s prediction of 500 million in software program sales.

They kept saying that Chen was also rosy with his predictions and they in no way regarded this sort of acquisition. Now, if Chen pulls off a secure QNX-Android telephone on blackberry hardware and they sell in reasonable numbers, the stock value will definitely push larger. It is a growth space where BlackBerry ‘s brand is nevertheless a strength = Very good space for BlackBerry to double down on and receive scale rapidly.

Good gives a secure messaging remedy that gives day a single productivity along with MDM and a BlackBerry-like safety architecture, and an ecosystem of integrated apps to grow as you take your mobile journey. They have been holding seminar’s for months badmouthing BB. I even Tweeted them asking if they had been so secure how come I am using Good on an unsupported BB10 device for function e-mail – no answer. The next couple of years are going to be hilarious around here considering the arguments I’ve had more than rolling out Great.