BlackBerry (BBRY) Will Obtain Good Technology

BlackBerry announced earlier nowadays that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a rival mobile safety business identified as Good Technology. BBRY’s stock share price tag has accomplished extremely poorly compared to where it was a year ago: In spite of any rallies, the net outcome is that it is down by 30.27%, which is also worse that the functionality of the S&P 500 Index. That, paired with a money supply of just over $42 million, and it isn’t too challenging to comprehend why the company’s IPO didn’t go off with a bang. Very good did what I would get in touch with the correct issues to get its providing off the ground: Show an potential to grow its revenue and drop much less cash in the method. I would be very shocked if this was not a hot IPO candidate in the couple of years.

That truth, paired with the implied reality that external private capital sources had been tapped out, Excellent would have practically no doors left to open, sans, of course, a sale. Box is trading beneath its IPO value right after enjoying a lengthy period above it. That decline in investor sentiment, even as Box improves its margins and income, make it a mild monetary analog to Good. Good Technology sells enterprise mobile safety products and was Blackberry’s competitor. In a January blog post , Blackberry referred to as out Good for claiming it was the very first business to add a special billing function to its merchandise.

But BlackBerry has put the companies’ war of words behind it, as it is evidently far more focused on beefing up its mobile safety technologies than on holding on to corporate grudges. Very good fits into that picture with its knowledge securing a number of platforms, particularly devices operating iOS, an region where Blackberry lacks experience, Chen said on a call to talk about the merger.

Gold estimates that the corporate and technologies integration approach will take a year or much more. Assuming that the two products can be integrated successfully and only the complementary ‘best of the two’ stay, this is a good acquisition for BlackBerry and a excellent exit method for Very good,” he wrote. Excellent has been a primary competitor of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) platform.

Other companies Blackberry has purchased to bolster its enterprise mobile safety items contain AtHoc, which tends to make a software program platform for sending out alerts to mobile devices, WatchDog, which provided application to securely share documents, and SecuSmart, whose technologies encrypts phone messages. Fred ‘Connor writes about wearables, Apple, IT careers, overall health IT and basic technology news for the IDG News Service.