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TechnologyDividend development investing is a strategy that focuses on companies which routinely raise dividends. Although Industrial Ecology is not mentioned explicitly, and though he appears to overemphasize overpopulation as the source of all bad issues, this is a highly relevant lecture that demonstrates a realistic strategy and understanding to sustainability. The final two decades have seen an ever increasing interest in Industrial Symbiosis (IS) / Eco-industrial Improvement (EID) / Eco-industrial Networking (EIN) by policy makers, market leaders and academics alike. A short, easy and educative speak by 1 of the veterans of the Industrial Ecology field.TechnologyTechnology

In attempting to encourage the adoption of industrial ecology (IE) principles such planned initiatives by Government have been supported by the use of a range of ‘new’ environmental policy instruments, with many reported corporate and environmental accomplishment stories to date. In order to do that, industrial ecology makes use of the biological ecosystem as a model and a systems engineering approach for managing complexity. Sugarcane biomass, a considerable waste product from sugar production, could be a renewable power supply for electrical energy production, according to research published in the international journal Progress in Industrial Ecology.

Two students from the Leiden-Delft MSc Industrial Ecology programme have created a carbon footprint calculator for the site the internet site where the Dutch public broadcasting organisations collect every little thing broadcasted about sustainability. We are sold on the values that these technologies offer us advertisement attempts to convince us of the worth of its items.

Mid-West Regional Authority : The Mid-West Regional Authority has not too long ago become component of a National Network focusing on the idea of Industrial Ecology, exactly where ‘One Company’s Waste is yet another Company’s Resource’. In an on-line very first write-up by Richard Plevin in de Journal of industrial Ecology the authors explain the variations between a recent study by Liska et al. and the GREET model that is utilized by regulators in California.

Right here is an eight:00 interview with Marian Chertow speaking about Industrial Symbiosis The Yale professor appears at cooperation and material flows in between businesses as an emergent phenomenon (rather than planned). Students and teachers on the unique international and interdisciplinary elements of the Leiden-Delft MSc programme on Industrial Ecology and on what it is all about. This tends to make the internet site useful for each the basic public as nicely as Industrial Ecology pros.