Avoiding Common SEO Mistakes With An Atlanta SEO Company

New website owners constantly run into problem after problem while trying to get their sites up and running. The hardest part isn’t always designing the site, it’s getting the site noticed online. In order to get noticed you need to be familiar with search engine optimization. The following are a few of the common mistakes that you wouldn’t want to make on your own site.

Anyone who’s familiar with the basics of SEO are familiar with the importance of keyword optimization. Every time a query is entered search engines comb through billions of web pages in order to find the most helpful and most relevant pages. The keywords you choose to include on your site will play a part in whether one of your pages gets noticed during this search. The mistake novices make involves overusing keywords in hopes of getting more attention. The overuse of a keyword is called “keyword stuffing” and those websites that practice this technique are punished by search engines.

Another mistake novices make comes in the form of artificial link building. The more links that are connected to a site the more authority that site receives online. Search engines would prefer that link building be done more naturally. However, website owners often purchase links in order to manipulate the sophisticated algorithms used by search engines. Search engines have evolved over the years and are more able to spot sites feeding off of purchased links. If you use this practice, your site will rank lower and lower on results pages.

As surprising as it may seem, many new website owners don’t have a clear business model. How will your site generate income? Who’s your targeted audience? What is your brand and what defines it? Most novice website owners can’t give a clear and concise answer to these questions. Knowing the answer to these types of questions will allow you to improve and optimize your site accordingly.

These are all mistakes that you should focus on avoiding. If you already have a site and your site suffers from one of these problems, you should consider consulting with an Atlanta SEO company. SEO professionals are aware of the changing online world and can keep you up to date on what techniques are in and which ones are out.