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If your youngster has a understanding disability, she may benefit from assistive technology tools that play to her strengths and operate about her challenges. All gifts to the 501(c) three Utah Assistive Technology Foundation are tax-deductible to the maximum extent permitted by Utah law. Secure public and private donations to help men and women receive assistive technology devices and services. Make sure that assistive technology devices and solutions are reasonably priced and obtainable for kids and adults with disabilities. Assistive Technology aids men and women with disabilities reside, function, learn and play as independently as feasible.

There are thousands of devices and applications (apps) designed to aid communication, teach life skills, increase academic and social learning, and lessen frustrations that can lead to destructive behaviors. If you feel your child could benefit from assistive technology to increase his/her learning, ask for an assessment. The Adirondack Assistive Technology Expo is also supported by Adirondack Regional Technology Center, C TECH, Monroe Wheelchair, Our Potential, Prentke Romich Business (PRC), and Vis-Ability Inc. They have broken down their listing into three categories: Device, Assistive Technology and Independent Apps.

The rigid classic classroom structure rarely provides the finding out disabled with the resources essential to meet their reading, writing, math, social and mobility expertise or sense impairment. Various individuals demand distinct solutions primarily based on numerous factors, and only a small sample of the myriad assistive technologies obtainable receives representation right here. Blaze Multi-Players also have built-in Wi-Fi for simplified search and download from solutions like BookShare and NLS Download and easy access to a host of world wide web radio stations and podcasts.

Press Release Initially Published August 25, 2015 Louisville, KY — Supporting our armed forces, especially blinded veterans, is deeply important to the dedicated employees that function for HIMS, makers of major assistive technology merchandise for folks with low vision or blindness. Have your personal devices, current versions of Assistive Technologies, and a reliable Net connection. Law enforcement have more avenues to investigate crimes thanks to evolutions in technologies.

Was delighted to have an chance to meet with and demonstrate their life-altering assistive technology products to this very esteemed group in the course of the BVA’s 70th National Convention last week (August 17 – 21, 2015) in Louisville, KY. Google is operating a similar campaign to recognize and promote assistive technology innovations for disabled people.