Assistive Technology — Jamie Martin

Blind and Partially Sighted men and women living in Wiltshire are becoming provided an revolutionary opportunity to attend a one particular stop shop for Assistive Technology and Information on Thursday 10th September at St Lucy’s Sight Centre, Browfort, Devizes in between 10am and 2pm. There are also devices that can send an alert to a pal or relative to notify them if the medication hasn’t been taken, or if the device is not working, has low battery or demands refilling. Technologies that supports someone to stay safe can assist them to keep living at residence for longer. Automated shut-off devices that can quit the gas supply if the gas has been left on, or turn off a cooker if it really is been left on. These may require to be installed, which may possibly expense income, and there could be costs for reconnecting the gas supply.

Tracking devices or place monitoring services – These use satellite or mobile phone technology to locate and track the individual. The sorts of devices incorporate watch-based devices, smartphone apps, essential rings and pendants. The signal essential for tracking devices to work can be patchy, which signifies the device may possibly not perform in all places.

Some of the devices can be challenging to use (especially for a particular person with dementia) and the individual may possibly not want to put on a device or danger forgetting that they need to have the device with them. Safer walking technologies can allow some people with dementia to have greater freedom and independence, and can eventually lessen the use of unpleasant solutions such as drugs and physical restraints. The a variety of pieces of technologies are connected through a phone line or over the web.

The use of safer walking technologies has numerous achievable positive aspects, but it also raises critical ethical concerns about capacity and consent (see ‘Ethical considerations’ beneath). Telecare generally refers to a system or devices that remotely monitor individuals living in their personal house, enabling them to access assistance or response services when necessary. Devices to monitor everyday activity – These are unobtrusive movement sensors that can oversee a person’s activity in their property over a period of time.

Telecare has traditionally been supplied by a neighborhood alarm or monitoring service offered by way of social services However, it is now attainable to set it up privately. They can sometimes assist relatives or neighborhood services get a better notion of a person’s activity for the duration of the day and night. It is essential that any person considering assistive technology has clear information on what is obtainable. Choosing a piece of assistive technology is not always effortless, but it is crucial to find the greatest remedy. It is crucial that assistive technology is usually employed for the proper causes.