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The All India Council of Technical Education has played a very critical part, in maintaining uniformity of requirements in the technical education program in the country. Broadcast technologies replace the work needed to provide details and make it continuously offered. As with the dis/aggregation technologies, broadcast technologies can have transformative functions. A function related to broadcasting is relaying, which differs in that information is broadcasted across time and location and requires the use of technologies to obtain that info. Info conveyed through relay technologies retains proof of its discursive origins, of other data with which it has held firm.

That is, the assumption is that broadcasters send out info to these who have compatible utilizes of that info and who require no technological assistance to obtain it, whereas relay technologies do. When transformational technologies are put into play, specifically when they both collect and transform details, a single concern is how the transformation opens or closes access to that information. Dis/aggregation technologies can constrain function activities for the very same causes.

Alternatively of transforming info across representational states, aggregation technologies transform by embedding details into units that might require a various kind of experience to unlock or that may speak to a single particular use of the information at the expense of other folks. They ensure that valuable pieces of data can be named up and applied in a assortment of settings. Concerning both the good and adverse qualities of interacting with technologies as discursive agents, the point is the identical: these technologies have prescriptions that are made into their functionality and their interfaces.

Exactly where this concern concerns us is when these technologies are increasingly employed to mediate understanding work. When individuals begin to interact with their technologies as discursive agents, duty have to commence to shift to those who are critically equipped to assess the value and future design directions of these tools. To hear and study McLuhan speak about technologies getting an extension of ourselves, is not a small situation.

The emergence of the new technologies and their strategies has altered human consciousness, cognition in a discordantly dissonant way. McLuhan obviously did examine the other facets of the theory, for example he explored as many technologies as Mumford but he connected almost everything back to communication. In Understanding Media (1964), he considered at least as numerous technologies as did Mumford, but each and every was rendered and explored as a medium of communication. In the case of South Africa and elsewhere Africans, from domination, colonization and Imperialism, these technologies come into thriving and lengthy established cultures.