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Assistive TechnologyDisability Rights New Jersey (DRNJ) is the federally-funded, independent non-profit designated as New Jersey’s protection and advocacy system for men and women with disabilities. Wiltshire Sights Group of Specialist Sight Advisors will also be on hand to offer you sensible and emotional help as nicely as details on a assortment of topics which includes Managing your Eye Condition and what is accessible in your location. With a monthly money prize you can have some enjoyable and support the many services we offer our members. ATAC performs with the lead agency, the New Jersey Division of Labor and Workforce Improvement, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Solutions, and a network of contractors to provide efficient and efficient assistive technology services on a statewide basis.Assistive Technology

Device reutilization programs – provide for the exchange, repair, recycling, or other reutilization of assistive technology devices, which may possibly incorporate redistribution by way of device sales, loans, rentals, or donations. Device loan applications – give quick-term loans of assistive technology devices to people, employers, public agencies, or other individuals looking for to meet the requirements of targeted individuals and entities.Assistive Technology

The winning applicant will show an outstanding past record of providing utilised assistive technology devices to people with disabilities on a statewide basis. Device Loan and Demonstration: DRNJ is supplying a separate grant award, up to $70,000, for a statewide center for device loan and demonstration solutions. The winning applicant will show an outstanding previous record of offering loan and demonstration solutions on a statewide basis. DRNJ is providing up to 3 grant awards, with a maximum of $15,000, for regional centers that provide one or far more categories of AT solutions.

DRNJ is mostly interested in projects that can complement Tier I programs or that can supply services to underserved populations. The successful applicants will develop and implement a program for offering state-level assistive technology activities in New Jersey, consistent with the ATAC state plan, which is accessible on the ATAC website ( ?p=4603 ), or by request. All requests for certain AT devices or gear ought to be itemized exactly where attainable. Dot helps the blind access messages, tweets, even books anyplace and at any time.

Men and women or organizations in New Jersey with recognized experience in the field of assistive technology, or these demonstrating an understanding of assistive technology devices and services. Support service that gives assessments, reviews and the loan of gear to assist pupils with disabilities access school by using assistive technology.