Let’s Go To The Museum Of Jurassic Technology

Museum Of Jurassic TechnologyGetting a extremely unassuming facade it is easy to miss when driving down busy Venice Blvd. So it struck me as particularly apt that I took a class of students last week to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City-while the Enron mirage was dissolving even though dubious claims for the production of fusion energy graced the cover of the journal Science even though Harvard biologist E.. Wilson was in town attempting to turn people’s interest to wholesale extinction of life whilst military planners have been blithely bringing back nuclear weapons as instruments of foreign policy.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City is both peculiar and engrossing – I’ve in no way experienced anything very like it. It contains almost everything from histories of strange scientific discoveries and incredibly intricate and obscure pieces of artwork to glorifications of the most mundane artifacts, such as smoking pipes and sewing needles.

Peale fervently believed,” the video continues, that teaching is a sublime ministry inseparable from human happiness, and that the learner should be led usually from familiar objects toward the unfamiliar – guided along, as it have been, a chain of flowers into the mysteries of life.” It is from this period, this spirit, claims the video, that the Jurassic draws its energies.

Lucky sufficient for any Angelenos, there are a number of public events coming up that may draw you in. Lawrence Weschler is doing some sort of spring residency thing at Occidental College , and these of you who missed his recent lecture on the Museum of Jurassic Technology can still attend his Cabinet of Marvels on April 24th.

David’s book is speaking to customers, it is talking to everybody and it is saying that if one thing is worth doing, effectively, why not make a commence and do it – or I get that understanding from it. In other words if anyone reading his book does any of the items he suggests it will make a distinction tiny as it could be. It really is a get in touch with to action!Museum Of Jurassic TechnologyMuseum Of Jurassic Technology