How to Build a Computer

The inexpensive price of laptop pc today makes people less interested to assemble a pc computer itself. But when we want a special computer specifications as for graphic design then inevitably we had to order assembly, or assemble themselves the pc. Most pc build up (factory output) is not able to render the graphics in the form of pictures and videos quickly, and therefore requires the special specifications in order to facilitate the work of the designer.

In assembling his own pc computer required basic knowledge of the functions of all the spare-part computer hardware. Besides knowledge of the specifications are a must, as well as the balance of the required hardware spec.In assembling the pc each hardware component is installed must be balanced, for example, you are using a motherboard with 1.2 GHz processor microchip then you should not use the RAM is less than 256 and not better the more than 1 GB. So also with the power supply used must be capable support HDD rotation speed and processor. Knowledge balance of hardware capabilities must be thoroughly understood that we assembled pc can run well. The point read specifications and support whenever we buy computer parts.

Steps to assemble a good computer is as follows:

  Determine the usefulness of computers that will be assembled, for pc to play the game different from an office PC. Examples of the difference; pc games require excellent graphics, while the collar is not too be required quality graphics. Therefore VGA to VGA games are more expensive than the company office.

Budgeting or budget funds, as we determine the amount of money for pc assemblies then to determine the brand of components that we will use becomes easier, as well as specifications.

Determine the appropriate processor socket on the motherboard, or otherwise find a motherboard that corresponds to the processor.

    Deciding on the type and capacity of the hard disk, hard drive with a quick lap will require a large power supply and cooling. Hard disks used in assembling computers must also comply with the processor speed and RAM capacity. RAM capacity is directly proportional to the capacity of HDD, the higher the processor and memory, the greater the hard disk that can be used.

Determine in accordance with the VGA graphics needs, if we are a designer needs a very good quality graphics then we need a VGA nice anyway. Do not be surprised if the price can be more expensive than the VGA processor.

 Use a power supply that is able to meet the power needs of all components of our PC assembly, each component of the computer requires power to work.

If our ability to determine the six things mentioned above should have been able to assemble a computer for normal purposes only. I think in most major pc assembly it is logic, may be useful.