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What are the Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration?

The important of good commercial refrigeration is not to be downplayed especially in the restaurant and food business and owners know this all too well. It is important that the equipment that we use does not allow good to spoil easily which is no longer suitable for human consumption. When we eat food in a restaurant most of the food that we eat have been produced from someplace else, packed, shipped, stored, and preserved using commercial refrigeration.

If you are new in the restaurant business and you want to have loyal customers then you need to make sure that your food is fresh all the time and this means that you should get the best commercial refrigerators to preserve your foods. Preparing food safely and maintaining its integrity is possible with a good cold storage facility. This means that you need to understand everything about commercial refrigeration and the different types available in the market so that you can know what is the best for your business needs.

Other industries that use commercial refrigeration are flower shops, hospitals, etc. The food industry is the largest industry that uses cold storage and there are various needs and uses that come up as far as cold storage is concerned. Here are the different kinds of commercial refrigeration and their best uses.
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The best equipment for back of the house operations are upright commercial refrigerators. The different types of upright units are the solid and glass door types or the full-length or Dutch style double half doors. These upright refrigerators have many sections and its capacity can be measured by cubic feet.
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Bulk items are stored if you own a restaurant.
Restaurant should have walk-in refrigerators since it has many shelves which allow for maximum organization and it is good for storing bulk or boxed items like wine or juices. Walk-in refrigerators come in two types, the one with their own floors and those that have to be installed on existing floors.

This type of unit, the prep tables, are seen where pizzas, sandwiches, or salads are sold as the main staples in the menu. These are usually seen in the cook line or prep area of a commercial kitchen. Cold storage wells are found in prep tables to keep ingredients cold and fresh, and they also have drawers where sauces, dressings, and dips are kept fresh. These units are 36 inches high and have worktables on top for quick food prep.

Underbar fridges are shorter than upright storage fridges but they function the same. You can place this underbar fridge in a small space within the commercial kitchen which stores a few ingredients that as often needed. When a bar or a club serve blended drinks and cocktails, they need this type of underbar fridge.