5 Factors I am Championing Assistive Technology For Individuals With Autism

Assistive TechnologyAs director of client solutions for a regional autism charity I’m often asked if we can use assistive technology to decrease help hours and charges. Depending on the experience within the team, they may possibly seek the solutions of an outside AT specialist to conduct specialized evaluation and education, suggest certain assistive technologies, and coordinate the needs assessment procedure, but the inputs and involvement of the whole group are what generate profitable outcomes. UNI is a two-way communication tool for the deaf using gesture and speech technologies.

Lastly, a suitable AT assessment also considers necessary supporting solutions such as instruction for student and/or employees, integration of the AT into college and residence life, and technical help issues. NOTE: Because understanding the individual’s finding out weaknesses and strengths is such an crucial portion of the AT assessment approach, it is usually beneficial to acquire a diagnostic or psycho-educational evaluation from a certified skilled prior to conducting an assistive technology demands assessment. Further operate at residence in reading drills and reinforcement in regions of math not comprehended in the classroom also contributed to his later achievement in the classroom.Assistive Technology

A lot of this comes from current documents (IEP, 504 strategy, educational evaluations), but also from interviews with teachers or household, classroom observations (if required), and operating a single-on-one with the student. Produce prospective options – Primarily based on the data collected, identify tools, techniques, and supporting solutions which hold promise to improve efficiency, improve participation, and/or increase independence. The extra property work was not constantly appreciated at the time but later success in the classroom made it all worthwhile.

Integrate productive/proper AT tools and strategies – Analyze final results, figure out most proper tools and methods based on the trials (or no matter whether added trials are required), and develop a plan to implement the recommended technology. Emma’s regular contributions to the Assistive Technology Weblog are appreciated to a wonderful degree!

Reconsideration and added assessment should be conducted as demands alter, tasks alter, performance improves, or the student’s needs are no longer getting met by the existing technology. My youngest son is now working above grade level in most locations, is confident in the classroom and though new math ideas nevertheless can give an additional challenge, he faces these issues with new fervor. His dyslexia became a lot more aparent as text became smaller and the amount of text improved.Assistive Technology