5 Efficient Ways for Startups to Manage their Marketing Process

When Coca-Cola Company tried to introduce a new flavor on the occasion of celebrating 100 years of its popular product, the decision backfired big time. The reason; the new flavor just didn’t clicked with the target market and Coke was forced to revert back and brought back the old formula. This scenario is a testimonial to the fact that marketing strategies need to be taken care of very seriously. A little mistake can ruin the whole campaign and for startups it’s more important.

Marketing Process

There are several ways in which you can efficiently market your product or service. Startups need to come up with smart strategies to get a foothold in the market. In my opinion, the following 5 ways can be instrumental in making a product standout.

  1. Define a Work Strategy

Don’t interpret it as a lead generation strategy as I am talking an approach for getting work done efficiently. There are many questions you need to answer; the approval process? What to do in case of a road-block? Which projects to give priority and on which basis? Defining a work strategy can make it easier to answer all these questions. The marketing department’s goal should be to chalk out a winning plan to tackle all the problems well in advance.

  1. Use of a Collaboration Tool

It doesn’t matter that you interact with your employees daily or 3 times in a week. Still you need team collaboration tools for startups like TaskQue that will help keep work communication easy smooth and in one place. Features like Discussion can be used to converse about important issues. With such a tool, the owner of a startup or a manager can keep track of an employee given a specific task or project.

  1. In-person Meetings

While through the use of tools and softwares like Skype, all the team members can remain in constant touch, in-person meetings are also important. It doesn’t mean you need to conduct such meetings on a regular basis. Make them a onetime event in a week or fortnight and strive to make them productive. Putting together an agenda of topics and discussions for a specific marketing plan will benefit the team members. If you need updates from any team member in particular, let them know ahead of time so that they can come up with a detailed and convincing reply.

The in-person meetings are one of the ways to improve teamwork and a good strategy to make team members feel that the manager or top management is actively involved in the marketing process. The one on one meetings can also be fruitful in getting candid replies from an employee who may not speak up in a traditional meeting. You never know that any employee can come up with a valuable suggestion or feedback regarding the marketing plan that can add value to it.

  1. Measure your Efforts

Metrics are a crucial aspect of gauging the success of any marketing campaign. Measuring efficiency can give you insights about where your campaign is heading. Market research, creating interesting content, etc. are just some of the strategies which you need to take care of for making your campaign run smoothly and towards achieving the target.

You need to encourage your team for giving their input and come up with ways to improve the campaigns. Efficiency can be measured through the use of analytical tools. This also gives management an inside view about what their potential customers are looking for in a product and what further strategies can be applied to motivate them to buy their product.

  1. Review and Improve

Ineffective marketing campaigns, missed deadlines and lack in communication are just some of the inevitable scenarios usually happen. The role of the manager heading the campaign needs to think out of the box here without starting the blame game towards his subordinates. These events are actually a wakeup call for correcting the loopholes in the campaign and how to prevent further errors like these creeping in the marketing campaign again.

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