3 Powerful ways to use content to engage with investors

In addition to designing a great presentation containing all the important areas, there are several aspects that we should consider about how to approach a presentation to investors because we play a lot … however, it is unusual that we have done our homework and prepared the entire key aspects.

It is a very difficult situation for any entrepreneur, no matter how many times you have done: always nerves, doubt, and uncertainty emerge at the very last minute … normal, given what is at stake.


There are several aspects for a freelance writer to consider when focusing a presentation to investors, but these are some of the most important:

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Know your partner: Not worth a generic deck. You must adapt to each party, in fact, it is important to know what kind of companies investors invest in, or what to emphasize when talking to the team. That means that the order of the slides is not set in stone and that you can alter it to serve your purpose. So investigate everything you can about your partner, allowing you to set up a vantage point and adjust the message.

Practice: Like everything else, practice makes perfect … so practice your presentation with all that you have on hand. Practice until you get it perfectly natural and feel comfortable … because make no mistake, there is nothing more natural than a well-prepared presentation. You have to get to the presentation feeling that if you did not have slides nothing would happen, because you know it well and have memorized it. In addition, it will help you control the timing and reduce the nerves.

Conjure elephants: If you think there is anything that could cause doubt / discomfort in your audience (by the type of product or market above problems, very closed sectors … etc.), you should remove it as soon as possible and discuss how you will solve it. If not, it will be hanging around the head of your party and deface what you’re going to say.

Above all, the content is the most important part and aspect of any engagement with an investor and it is the content alone that sells the product or services to the client. Hence, the major part of the onus lies on the content and therefore, on the freelancer writers or the web content copywriters.