New tools and technologies, new techniques of sharing, collaborating, accessing info and so on are continuously emerging. This is totally determined and dictated by technique embedded within the virally emerging and submerging gizmos and streams facilitated by the Planet Wide Web. The Chicago School of Media Theory doled out this piece which I will selectively cull from it in order to make the point that the new and emerging media right now, how we are immersed in them and imbibe the ceaselessly and we never ever turn the present gadgets and they media they relay to us off.

Google + gives a opportunity for a do-more than, to produce a new group of connections that are much more carefully cultivated. They appear to just do those things with no thinking also significantly about it. And there are distinct tactical things exactly where they have to target a group or an person, and those things seem limited either by spending budget or simply by their time.

In other words, if you introduce somebody to men and women jumping up and down with drums beating, then you can define it as dancing or demon possession, and the definition will be accepted, as long as the subject has no prior reference to the stimuli. Makers that simplify their complicated technologies only give us the illusion of control, and this in turn opens the door to greater danger.

Understanding the media then is understanding the definition of terms that apply and operate inside the present technological societies in a global mosaic and extending man in all directions, shapes, type, existences and realities-within multiple environments. When the first group proved to be really cool and unwilling to respond, Patrick spent the next day making a specific tape to play at the second seminar.

In the case of South Africa and elsewhere Africans, barely surviving from domination, colonization and Imperialism, these technologies come into their thriving and resuscitates extended established cultures. With the web and new technologies of fabrication, remixing, editing, manipulating and distributing, it is becoming less complicated to generate things — and share them with the world. I do see a challenge for artists to be simultaneously a lot more open to new technologies that lead to novel forms of expression, and also staying actually creative and imaginative. My individual expertise can be one particular of the examples or evidences of these phenomena.