SEO and Why It’s a Must Have Skill For Any Internet Marketer

The online marketing world is a cut throat business.

To be successful online you need an arsenal of SEO knowledge & tools to enable you to create a website that will out perform your competition.

More and more would be online marketers are learning to optimize their sites to improve their search engine rankings, so they can get their share of the “world wide web wonga” and if you ignore this crucial part of any online business you will simply get left by the wayside.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO brendale as it is more widely known is used today by all online marketers with a desire to succeed. That’s because they know there is no “quick fix” or “instant” traffic generation technique or software that actually works. “I know, I know” I bought into that crap myself many times before only to realise the only true tried and tested method of traffic generation is proper SEO. So do yourself a favour and invest in some SEO training and stop searching for that ever illusive magic bullet because there isn’t one.

When people use the Internet and search for something online 8 out of ten people will only look at page one and most of them only look at the top three. So as an online marketer your aim should be to get your website onto page one and preferably in the top three, this can only be achieved by implementing proper SEO strategies, on-page and off.

It goes without saying, that the more traffic you get to your site the more money you will make, (if you’re selling from that site that is). So it should be your priority to get your site onto page one of the search engine results.

So, what is search engine optimization, and is it imperative to your online business?

Well if you’ve read this far you will already know the answer to the second part of that question which is of course, YES! You need SEO to survive online let alone get onto page one which is where you need to be to enable your site to generate income. Search engine optimization is what enables you to drive free targeted web traffic to your site and remember this, it is the targeted traffic where you will get most of your sales from. Without SEO you will have very little or no traffic at all.

Here are some stat’s…Typically an E-commerce sites conversion rate is between 1-2% of visitors, this means if you get for example 100 visitors per day you’re going to make 1-2 sales per day, that’s between 30 & 60 per month which may not sound like much if you listen to all the hype, but really isn’t that bad at all when you think about it. Let’s take an average of 45 sales of @ $47 will give you $2115. per month. With good SEO you can multiply these figures many times.

Part one of the question again, what is Read the rest