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In spring of 2016 Saskatchewan will be adding facial recognition technologies to the provinces driver’s licence. When mass protests and violent crackdown followed the 2009 Iranian presidential election, western mass media found themselves in a precarious circumstance: eager to report on the unfolding events, but with no access to them save via snapshots and text bites posted to content material-sharing sites by unknown users. Furthermore, in attributing citizen-produced content material to news agencies and mediation channels, the incorporation practices treat intermediation as a supply of credibility.

Basing news coverage on such content material challenged journalistic understandings of credibility as developed by specialist routines, as a result disturbing the foundation of epistemic authority on which expert journalism builds. This write-up investigates how the positioning of citizen micro-journalism was textually negotiated in news reports by attributing different degrees of epistemic authority to citizen-made content.

Deconstructing the approach of constructing epistemologically authoritative news therefore highlights how mediation, news values, supply practices, and image conventions are relied on to carry out credibility. The news media scenario in India has been transformed substantially in the post-liberalization period as privatization and deregulation have facilitated cross-border flows of capital and technologies. This post focuses on on the web news reporting of the final basic election in India: the 2009 Lok Sabhā Election. This article investigates the use of Twitter as a supply for newspaper coverage of the 2010 British and Dutch elections.

The African Elections Project () was established with the vision of enhancing the potential of journalists, citizen journalists and the news media to provide more timely and relevant election information and knowledge, while undertaking monitoring of certain and essential aspects of elections employing social media tools and ICT applications. It takes the kind of particular election web sites that incorporate components of citizen journalism or crowdsourcing and is largely driven by mobile phones. The article also revisits the concept of professionalism” with regard to a traditional broadcaster’s implementation of a 24/7 news channel within its current newsroom.

While the newspaper market is in crisis and much less time and sources are accessible for newsgathering, social media turn out to be a handy and cheap beat for (political) journalism. We present a typology of the functions tweets have in news reports: they had been either considered newsworthy as such, were a purpose for further reporting, or had been used to illustrate a broader news story. Additional, most on-line newspaper articles consist of pictures, but video, audio and hyperlinks rarely are used.