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The three young firefighters killed in the Washington state wildfires this week have all been identified as crews continue to battle the flurry of flames raging across the Pacific Northwest. Daniil Kislov, a native of Uzbekistan and editor of the central Asian news web site , said the new ban on political science marked an increasingly authoritarian trend in Uzbekistan. In this Presidential address he was explaining his choice not to close off air travel to Africa in essence cautioning individuals to calm down and appear at the science ahead of succumbing to Ebola hysteria. Tuberculosis (TB) was a disease that healthcare science gave a triumphant fist pump to when physicians thought they had largely eradicated it around mid century, but it turns out the celebration was premature.

The news outlets continue to fan the flames of the Ebola panic, which in my opinion is a danger largely contrived for radio and Tv ratings, not a threat that deserves the total mobilization of our limited health care resources. It is extremely harmful due to the fact science and knowledge have created our economy and nation excellent.

Even although they are immensely well-known promoting nearly as briskly as hand sanitizer these days, I find collecting them to be in poor taste, a hobby that is possibly acceptable only for science teachers with a rather sinister sense of humor. Living in caves may well be far better Old Poolman, at least we would not have the news media to inform us what was killing us and we would be back to a state of blissful ignorance.

I think the mass media has turn out to be about as un-objective as war propaganda, Deb, and it troubles me. We employed to get real news on the Tv and radio, now we get sound bites about news and then ten minutes on Katie Perry’s new dress, or some other vapid topic like that. Meanwhile I just heard the news that the flu virus has mutated, my flu shot wont do me any very good, and we will probably have a real epidemic on our hands. If we do practically nothing, simply because we have lost faith in education, science and evidence, we give an benefit to our rivals.

I remember that and how she handled it. Now she’s up against Ron Paul I think, who announced his candiacy a week ago or so. I do not adhere to politics that much these days. Waiting for catastrophe and denying the evidence from science and your own senses is not a remedy, it is putting a religious faith in talk radio and politicians funded by massive oil.