Work With Professionals For All Your Corporate Data Backup And Recovery Needs

Protecting your company can take many forms. It could be the security system that controls your safe or the surveillance cameras that monitor your windows and doors. It should also be about the protection you seek for the data that your company both accepts and produces on a continual basis. The loss of digitally stored information can not only break corporate confidentiality, but incur vast financial resources.

A loss of data can happen during a power outage or during a natural weather disturbance like a tornado, earthquake or hurricane. Even more frustrating are losses of important data from system failures and human error. Not the least of which are created by intentional mischief that can be launched by saboteurs either inside or outside of the company. To combat the possible loss of data that can happen at any time and truly cripple any business enterprise, SyncPoint was developed as a back-up solution to the problem. With this at work, your data can be synchronized to “the cloud” and your company can be confident in its ability to retain and revive lost information when necessary.

While there are other data protection services available in the marketplace, there are additional forms of protection collaboration unique in its ability to protect and allow you full access to your data when you need it. With RecoveryPoint your copies of your data are kept safe in multiple “clouds” located in different locales around the world. Should an entire geographic region be hindered by a natural disaster or power strike, recover of your data can still be started immediately. The back-up schedule is kept at approximately every twenty minutes, so that at any time you will never be missing more than a third of an hour of ongoing computer work and files. When your data is kept, it is encrypted with formats that will be indecipherable to both thieves and malware programmers. Learning more about these invaluable services is available on their company web pages located online at These services and others are explained fully online and this company maintains direct service locations in the US cities of Charlotte, North Carolina and Miami, Florida.