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Reduce Employees Absenteeism with Sickness Absence Management Businesses regardless of whether what industry have been having issues regarding sickness absences, a lot of employees need to take long absences due to severe injury or shorter absences for recurring issues. Due to the the number of sick days taken by an employee approximately 6.6 days according to 2014 study its estimated impact on the economy is 17 billion pounds every year and that is because of productivity loss. Absence management service helps business and employees reduce productivity loss. The absence and health management service is created to work with a specialist independent occupational health assessment which gives the management the power to manage sickness absences with in the workplace. Reduce absenteeism, reduce lengthy recoveries and promote health and well being in the workplace is the primary aim of this service. Employees are provided all information in order to achieve structured assessment and reporting.
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The triage approach is often used by occupational health service providers to developing cases to understand the primary factors in the case. Most cases often starts with a triage assessment wherein the manager handling the case will refer to the manager along with an assessment that is most appropriate. This is to understand what course of action in the business that is needed in order to avoid losses while focusing on the core issues in the case.
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Most of the majority cases have 3 standard assessment routes that can be used: Telephone assessment This is required for fast assessment that needs quick opinion. Adviser led face to face assessment This is conducted with in depth assessment within the workplace or offsite venue to allow deep assessment of the employee. Physician led face to face assessment For the most complex cases, this type of assessment is used. With the help absence management, companies can keep track of their employees wile employees on the other hand are provided recommendations and accommodate if their are any difficulties to help them continue to do their job and avoid further absences in the future. Keeping track of your employees, give them updated on the relevant news within the business and ensuring the work place is safe provides a healthy working environment for all working individuals with the company, all these changes are absence management. This program does not only mean cutting down economic losses for the company but as well as creating a better relationship with the employees and the company.Economic losses can be cut down due to absenteeism by building a better relationship with your employees. There are Programs that has a long lists of absences which they refer to as “Total Absence Management” while for those who have shorter days are often called as “Day One Absence Management” This will help the company lessen the unexplained, unscheduled or excessive absenteeism.