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Uninstalling an Application in Your Devices It is good to uninstall some applications or apps on your device especially if you need to clear out some space in it. Uninstalling apps is easy especially if it is just a downloaded app from the play store. Preloaded apps may be quite difficult to uninstall and will have to do certain other procedures to uninstall them. Disabling apps is possible if you cannot delete them. You need to open the Settings app of your device in order to uninstall your downloaded apps. This Settings app will make it possible for your to uninstall your apps. You can open your Settings app from your app drawer. Preinstalled apps that came with the device cannot be uninstalled in the same manner as downloaded ones. However, you can still remove these preloaded apps is some other way. On the Setting, tap ‘apps’ or ‘applications’. When this is done your application manager will open up. Next you need to swipe at the ‘downloads’ tab. The apps that you have downloaded from play store or installed from other sources are contained in this ‘downloads’ tab. You can usually find the ‘downloads’ tab as the leftmost tab.
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Tap the app that you want to delete. You can find the app when you scroll through the list of apps that you have downloaded. Once tapped, it will open the details of that app. Then tap ‘uninstall’ in this page. Once tapped a pop up will ask you to confirm that you want to remove the app. If you are sure that you want to uninstall, tap ‘ok’ to confirm your decision.
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If there is no ‘uninstall’ button but instead you find ‘uninstall updates’ or ‘disable’ buttons, this only means that you app is a preinstalled one and you cannot uninstall it. These preloaded apps can still sometimes show up in the ‘downloads’ tab. It is only through rooting your device that you can remove these preloaded apps. You can tap ‘disable’ if you simply want to hide the app. This act will hide the icon from your app drawer and your screen. Deleting an app that you paid for can still be re-installed at a later date without paying any extra cost. Just go to the play store and go to ‘menu’ and then tap ‘my apps’. You will find the deleted app there which you can still download to your device. Deleted apps will mean deleted information associated with it. If you want to save any of the information in the app, you can use a back up or export the information to a different location before deleting the app from the device.