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A Guide to Things You Should Consider Prior to Purchasing a Solar Panel Mounting System Whether you’re planning to take your family off the grid entirely or you’re simply hoping to earn a little extra income by selling electricity you don’t use back to your local power company, installing solar panels is more popular than ever. Solar panels are currently more popular than they ever were before, primarily because they pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time; in just a few years, you should make-up any money you spent on your panels. The information in the rest of this guide will aid you if you are still trying to find the ideal solar mounting kit to use with the panels you’ve recently selected. Most shoppers don’t immediately realize just how many different solar panel mounting system options there are on the market today. This can certainly lead individuals to start feeling overwhelmed as they go through the shopping process. Thankfully, there are a selection of questions you can respond to in advance in order to take the stress out of making the best possible decision for you at this time. You’ll see additional information about some of these inquiries as you read on. Good luck picking your solar mounting kit! Which Material Do I Like Best?
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As a general rule, the solar panel mounting system choices that you will see will be crafted out of one of four sorts of materials. This list includes aluminum, iron, wood, and stainless steel. There are good things and not-so-good things about every material; your final selection will mainly be based on the one-of-a-kind needs you have. If, for example, you don’t have an incredibly tight budget and you don’t need immensely flexible frames to put around your panels, stainless steel could be the right choice for you. If, alternately, however, you know flexibility is important to you, an aluminum solar panel mounting system is probably the best choice for your needs.
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How Heavy Is the Wind Near My Home? The amount of wind that typically blows through your property will surely play a role in the sort of solar panel mounting system you decide to invest in. All solar mounting kits are rated to withstand specific wind loads. If you have no idea what wind load your panels and their frames need to be able to deal with, you may want to have an area contractor come to your property to perform an assessment. If you find out that your property is extremely windy, it may limit your options somewhat; aluminum frames, for instance, wouldn’t be a good fit for you. Where Should My Solar Panels Be Installed? No two properties are exactly the same; there might be spots in your yard that just won’t work for your new solar panels. To make sure you put your panels and your solar panel mounting system is the most ideal spot, you should seek out a professional who has expertise in this area. People who deal with solar panels day in and day out generally have no trouble finding properties’ sweet spots, so to speak.