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Cable Wire Management for Beginners Cable and wire management is an integral part of office organisation. Larger offices and corporations usually hire professional teams to come in and make sure their wires and cables are safely stored away, but in a home office or small business this task can be done by yourself with the use of simple technique and planning. Make sure you have the tools necessary before you start. First, identify where the wires are coming from, this is usually appliances and electronics such as your TV, computer, audio system, home theatres, decorations, kitchen appliances, etc. When dealing with home offices, many printers, computers, internet routers, and telecommunication equipment can be a wiring nightmare. Some buildings offer writing solutions for bigger issues at the time of construction, however in this article we will discuss how a small business owner or home office worker may be able to manage the left over wires by themselves. The solutions discussed in the is article will be economically conscious. To begin your management journey, determine the types of cables and wires which you will need to focus on. Basically most businesses only deal with four types of cables, Electrical, Telecommunication, Audio -Video and data cable. It’s important to first identify the cables and treat them individually as their nature is different. Identifying these cables is important for preventing future problems such as electrical interference or data miscommunication. Because electrical wires dissipate heat, they have the ability to damage other wires within their area. Electro Magnetic Interference is another reason electric wires need to be stored separately when devising a cable management solution plan.
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The second step in our wall cable management solution is to properly bundle wall cables. We suggest using cable ties of zip ties when bundling your cables together. These ties don’t require special equipment and can be purchased at any home improvement store.
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The next step in wire management is covering your bundled cables to keep them safe from dust and damage. Cables are often compromised by external factors such as kids, pets, scratches, and dust. For this reason, we recommend cable raceways for protecting your important cables. These covers are simple to install and can be used anywhere including concrete flooring, carpeted areas, and hardwood flooring. Using adhesive, these covers can be easily run through walls, floors, and even ceilings. These covers do not require drilling or permanent damage as they can be applied with a strong and removable adhesive. These raceways come in a variety of colors to match your decor. At last, molded joints can provide the just the right finishing touch. In consolation, it’s important to consider cable wire management as part of your home office or small business.