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Solar Panel Racking and Mounting: A Brief Overview A solar panel racking and mounting systems are available in many different forms, and the ones you choose will depend largely on the type of solar panels that you are using. Solar panels are often mounted on the roofs of homes and buildings. But the roof is not the only place where you can mount solar panels. There are actually many different ways that you can set up your solar panels. To find out more about the possibilities available to you, the first thing you should do is look up solar panel racking and mounting systems online. There are three basic kinds of solar panel mounting units that are in use today. These include flush mounts which are also referred to as solar panel brackets, roof or ground mounts and pole mounts. With each kind of solar panel mounting system being made to suit a particular type of solar panel, it is important that you make your choice of solar panel mounting system based on what kind of solar panels that you have. Therefore, if you have a preference about how you would like to have your solar panels mounted, then it is important to discuss these preferences when you decide on which solar panels to purchase. Flush mounts or solar panel brackets are the least expensive way to mount your solar panels. Being the least expensive choice that are also simple to install, solar panel brackets are the most common choice among home owners who use solar panels. The main caveat for using solar panel brackets is that they are not usually suited to large solar panels.
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With a roof-ground solar panel mounting system, a triangular metal frame is used to raise your solar panels up to a 45 degree angles from their customary horizontal position. Roof-ground mounts can be used either on the roof on your home or commercial property, or they can be mounted on the ground. Because they are raised, they may need special fasteners in areas where there are strong winds.
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Using pole mounts for your solar panels will offer you a number of important advantages. Pole mounts are necessary when you are using a solar tracking system. Solar tracking systems work by turning your solar panel into the direction of sun, optimizing the amount of solar exposure that they are able to get. To find out more about solar panel racking and mounting systems, the best thing you can do is visit the website of a solar panel mounting manufacturer. By visiting the website of a local solar panel mounting company, you will be able to find information about the pricing and availability of installation services in your local area. To find out more just perform a search engine search for solar panel racking and mounting systems in your local area.