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Solar Panel Mounts: Different Things to Consider One of the most if not the most important thing to consider when installing your solar energy system is the solar panel mounts. In order to be successful a solar energy system has to get enough sunlight to trap solar energy and then convert that energy into usable energy. If the system does not have proper mounting them it will not get enough exposure to the sun then your investment will not make logical sense. You can break solar setups down into two simple categories; mobile and non-mobile. The key to getting the proper mounts is to get equipment that will be able to last for many years and will be able to stand up to many different weather conditions. There four most common materials used to make solar mounts are iron, wood, steel and aluminum. Aluminum is good because it is lightweight and will not corrode, but although it is easy to work with it is very hard to weld. Another option is angle iron, although this will corrode quickly so you will not want to use this if you live in an area that gets a lot of moisture. Wood will be your cheapest options and easiest to find but it will not stand up to weather for a long period of time. The best option is stainless steel, this can hold up to a lot of different weather but it will be the most expensive. When mounting your solar panel you will need to take into account the wind and the angle. Getting some advice from a local contractor can help immensely if you are unsure of how to do this. When it comes to buying and installing a solar mount you will want to look at the worst possible weather that can hit your home and plan based off of that.
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You can get a tracker for your solar panels, if you do this you should get one that requires very little energy such as a single axis tracker. A tracker is used with a panel so that it can shift as the sun shifts ensuring that the solar panel gets the most sun throughout the day. If you get a tracker it is also recommended that you use concrete and anchor bolts so your tracker will stay in place.
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Many people are choosing to put solar panel on the roof of their house, this is a more difficult process but it can be done. When mounting like this it is very common to get leaks in your roof so you will definitely have to take into account the weather in your area. If this happens then your home could become severely damaged. However the advantage is that it will take up less room and will have better access to the sun.