Lucent Technologies

Several people have Lucent-Alcatel, Avaya or Agere Stystems Stock which they previously obtained since they were shareholders of Lucent and or AT&T Corp. Lucent Technologies Poland, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lucent Technologies, gives communications options to operators and telecom and Net service providers in Poland. In Lucent, the BOE was relitigating practically the very same facts and most of the same legal arguments that have been rejected four years ago in Nortel Networks, Inc.

This point was not lost on the Lucent court, which issued its choice just two weeks right after hearing oral arguments in the case. Like Nortel, the Lucent case involved a manufacturer’s sale of tangible personal house (TPP) to a communications organization and its transfer to the firm of a correct to use software program needed to operate the TPP. It noted that below prior case law, California courts have currently held that the media utilised to transfer the software program is not important to its later use and, therefore, does not necessarily lead to the transaction to be taxable.

Lucent is also the successor to two AT&T bargaining units: the Communications Workers of America (CWA) represents 25,000 sales, installation, and repair workers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents 19,000 manufacturing personnel. The greatest technological challenge facing the firm is a movement from voice-primarily based to data-primarily based switching technologies.

This development will reduce the price of acquiring other firms, given that Lucent was formerly needed to contain goodwill on its present expense and earnings statement. Hence, Lucent is extremely focused on the want to attract and retain the essential “knowledge workers” needed to create the technologies that are vital to its future. Lucent also enjoys a specifically strong reputation and achievement record in recruiting, promoting, and retaining minorities and ladies, as properly as in keeping its commitment and effective approaches to managing the diversity of its labor force. But on the other hand, Lucent desires to defend its old-line circuit-switching networks.

The primary threat lies in the fact that most of Lucent’s competitors (see the next section, which attributes Cisco Systems, Lucent’s important competitor) outsource their manufacturing operations to smaller firms with considerably decrease expense structures, thereby placing similar outsourcing pressures on Lucent. I just came from a week of meetings with them about this in Miami and they really feel there is no loyalty left with Lucent.