How to Remove Background of a Photo with Movavi Photo Editor

You must have seen pictures with beautiful background that look as if it is inserted from a different source and wonder how did they achieve this. This is a simple task that can be done with a photo editing software like Movavi Photo Editor. In Movavi Photo Editor, there is a background removal tool that can simply erase away the entire background so that you can use another picture as the new background. The algorithm of the software can identify the background quickly without taking a long time and completely erase it.

The background removal tool is useful when you snap a photo with an ugly background. It allows you to insert any background you want and it may even trick people into thinking that you actually tool photo of the subjects in the new background. For example, if the photo is originally taken with a bush background, you can have that bush background removed and replaced with the photo of a famous beach so that the photo looks nicer. To remove background from image, you must select the background removal button which is the last tab.

You will see two brush buttons and you are to select the green brush tool first. With the green brush tool, you must roughly draw a green silhouette on the subject that you don’t want the software to erase. The yellow boundary will form over the object as soon as you let go of the green brush tool. You can choose how smooth you want the boundary to be on a scale of 1 – 3. Next, you must click the red brush tool and draw red lines over the background to show the software that you want it to be removed. There is no need to draw any silhouette of the unwanted background with the red brush tool. The third button is the eraser button that is used for erasing the yellow boundary line so that it will more accurately trace along the object that you want to keep.

The background will instantly be removed when you click on the Step 2 tab. Once the background is removed, the transparent pattern will show as the background. If you need the photo without any background, you can click the export button to save it. This is a great way for you to extract any object from within the photo for your work. If you want the photo to have a new background, you can click the Image File button and choose the new photo.

A pop up may appear and tell you that the software is currently processing to get the background that is marked in red removed. It is up to you to color the background with a solid color instead of using a photo as a background. You can pick any color you want with the color picker tool in the Step 2. In the Step 2, you can also drag the blur edge or soft edge slider to make the edge of the photo appear slightly blurred or have a soft appearance. When you are done, you can click the Apply button to finalize the changes. The easy steps in using the background removal tool allows you to switch the backgrounds of a batch of photos without having to take a lot of time.