Easily Recover Deleted Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard- Free, as its title says, comes for absolutely free. Its main function is data recovery in various Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It’s the best free data recovery software that works just fine. You can recover deleted data, formatted data or even the data that was lost from your PC or laptop. Moreover, it works well with removable devices such as memory cards also. The process is quite simple and is done at a great speed.

It assists the users in flash drive recovery also. The process has three steps involved. These steps help you recover and restore all the files that were lost. It also provides accuracy. The three steps are:

  • Launching the software after downloading it- select the type of data and the location of the data.
  • The second step involves scanning- the stop and pause buttons help you in stopping the scan and resuming later.
  • The third step is previewing and recovery of the lost data

The main advantage of this free data recovery software is that it supports recovery from various loss environments. It supports a lot of file formats and doesn’t stick to one particular format. Music, videos, photos, emails etc can be recovered in a simple way. It’s a painful thing to experience virus attacks or OS crashes or partition loss. We would eventually end up losing our most favorite photos, music and videos. Hard drive damages are also highly possible.

However, we have flash drive recovery would help in restoring data from different devices such as a hard drive, external drive, USB drive, digital cameras, memory cards etc. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s highlight is that it is a free data recovery software. The scan is supposedly a very safe method to restore data. It has two features known as “quick scan” and “deep scan”. Deep scan, as its name suggests, scans the files by gaining access to hidden and inaccessible files too.

The quick scan feature starts automatically after launching the software. It scans the entire external drive or internal drive for the deleted files or missing files and searches them. The deleted files can be restored entirely using quick scan. The process is carried out at an amazing speed and it’s easy to understand the process. Multiple loss situations are supported by the software. There is no particular restriction regarding the file type. Its safe and free data recovery ensures the restoration of files that were either deleted or lost during damages like virus attacks, system crash, partition loss etc.

A successful recovery is guaranteed and a preview is shown before the process takes place. This would aid in specifically picking out the desired files for restoration.  The scanned results can be both imported or exported whenever needed. So, there is no need for rescanning. The scanning can be continued from the stopped point. The trial version and the main version of the software come for free with upgradation when required. The customer service is also quite commendable as it is available 24*7 through live chat and phone. Download it here.