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What You Need to Know About Solar Trackers Solar trackers move solar panels and help them ‘track’ the sun’. Solar trackers greatly increase how much energy solar panels can put out. The increase in energy can be as much as 35%. Below is some information about solar tracking. This article help you decide if solar tracking is something you might be interested in. There are two types of solar trackers. A passive solar tracker doesn’t work with an electrical motor. It uses the sun to heat the panel, which makes it tip up and down. The solar panels tip toward the west during the morning and afternoon. At night it tips toward the east. Little gas canisters are inside of the panels. The hotter the canisters get, the heavier they get. This is what causes the panel to teeter and totter. Active panels, on the other hand, require the use of motors and gears to move the panel. The range of motion on an active solar tracker is much bigger than that on a passive solar tracker. Not only do they move east and west but they have a dual axis as well. Dual axis trackers allow the solar panels to move slightly every day to change with the seasons. As you can imagine, active trackers are more expense than passive trackers. However, you will get more energy from active panels.
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Even though passive trackers give off less energy than active solar tracker, they give off more energy than a fixed solar mount does. Getting a solar tracker or not getting a solar tracker is a something that most people can decide to do or decide not to do. For those living completely off of the grid, solar trackers are necessary. For other the people, their specific location will determine if a solar panel is something they must have.
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If you are on the grid you might not need a solar tracker but there is a very good reason why you should get one. Once your home is using all of the energy it needs, any surplus energy will be circulated back into the grid. It will feel pretty good knowing that you are not only creating green each for yourself but you’re cutting down on your city’s carbon footprint. A solar power energy company can tell you more about whether or not a tracker is right for you and what type of tracker is right for you. Set up an appointment today to discuss your options. There is a solar system set up to fit your needs no matter what they may be. Check the web for more information on solar trackers.