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Clickers, also recognized as audience response sytems are wireless hand-held devices employed to conduct student participation in the classroom, frequently to credit attendance and measure understanding. The Response Card worked just as it was supposed to. I employed it for numerous quizzes in a class. Every clicker has a battery life indicator, so that when the indicator shows the batteries are low, students can replace them. This list can be utilised to verify (by way of NIU One Card, for instance) that every single student leaving the classroom has used his or her own clicker. If students cease this process as soon as started, it has been observed to damage the clicker beyond repair.

TurningPoint application does not require installation and can be run from a USB/flash drive, like the USB drive clicker receiver. This method can be utilised when there are several students who need to have a clicker firmware update, but ALL STUDENTS IN Variety OF THE RECEIVER WILL ENTER THE UPDATE. Turning Technologies software program operates with the company’s ResponseCard NXT clickers and receivers to let for in-class polling and testing.

This version is dated 8/21/2013, and employed Turning Technologies’ Hardware Updater Version 2… This computer software is available below the downloads section on Turning Technologies, or on the Clicker Help Services internet site. You ought to get inside 20 feet of the updating personal computer and commit to not leaving the region till you acquire a message saying that your clicker firmware update has been effective. Turning Technologies clickers are accessible at the University of Memphis Bookstore (across from the University Center).

Faculty who are interested in employing clickers in most class periods could have students acquire the ResponseCard NXT from the University Bookstore. Clickers (Turning Technologies), also known as classroom response systems, are remote devices that students can use to respond to queries presented for the duration of a class session. It is the polling software utilized to create concerns for and accept input from Turning Technologies’s ResponseCard clickers. ResponseWare turns a participant’s internet-enabled mobile device, tablet or pc into a virtual clicker.

Turning Technologies is connected to the University of Memphis understanding management program eCourseware (Desire2Learn). You can also locate value comparisons from sellers, so you actually get the greatest price tag at present for the RESPONSECARD NXT:RCXR-03 CLICK by Turning Technologies (2012). If you are interested in getting RESPONSECARD NXT:RCXR-03 CLICK by Turning Technologies (2012)you could try to find full description and product particulars. The function containing this code will constantly incorporate a MOV involving the SPI_Data register.… Read the rest

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This on-line sellers supply the ideal and save price price tag which included super save shipping (in U.S.A. only) for Response Card RF LCD by Turning Technologies. Hair drier and not turning it on…removing the battery to allow it to dry much more totally. It felt dry and seemed to be functioning just fine, till I plugged it in to charge, that is when it started turning off and on quickly non stop. I took the backing off the sd card and the sims card but the battery is constructed in. I have it in rice, what else do I do. I just got this phone.

Vinnie’s interests led to his 2010 book, The New Polymaths: Profiles in Compound-Technologies Innovations There he chronicled dozens of case-research of organizations that are leveraging a wide variety of technologies to resolve the world’s grand challenges and boost our lives. Do so to the left and appropriate sides alternately 5 times every single, with no turning your neck or head.

In Vinnie’s view, some organizations that are, historically, buyers of data technology, are now turning into technology providers—as they embed new technologies into their items and solutions. He then launches into a discussion about technologies that are being embedded in residence appliances, enabling them to connect to smartphones, tablets, and other devices and how this is leading to Samsung—a consumer electronics company—to take market share away from appliance market leaders, such as Whirlpool and Kenmore. They also boost the odds that the audience will guess the right response and feel wise.

For $400 you’re in and out with all you require for gaming and the rest can go to crucial elements like your graphics card. The VI has been on sale around the $160 range after rebate lately and works really effectively with the i7-4790k. For that matter, if you hate Flipboard, delete it. Any device no matter how useful can be a productivity killer if it becomes the master and not the servant.

This need to preserve your all round budget under the $200 variety for each your processor and your motherboard and enable you to dedicate much more of what you have to your graphics card. This blog is intended to produce a property for a neighborhood of practice that will enrich and serve everyone who owns, or utilizes audience response systems.… Read the rest

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Connecting choice makers to a dynamic network of information, people and suggestions, Bloomberg rapidly and accurately delivers enterprise and financial data, news and insight about the planet. Every single student who uses a clicker or ResponseWare must have a Turning Account, beginning with Summer time Session I. The Turning Account is incorporated with the Clicker + ResponseWare bundle now supplied at the Bookstore and at the Turning Technologies On the web Store. ResponseWare can be utilized with the free of charge ResponseWare app, or via any browser. To use the ResponseWare app, launch the app, and go to the menu” icon in the upper lefthand corner of the screen.

If you need to add a clicker, use the Add” button to enter the new Device ID. Your professor could require to update their participant list if you not too long ago registered, so you could want to let them know you had added a new Device ID to your account. Turning Technologies, LLC provides Internet-primarily based assessment delivery and data collection solutions to engage, monitor, and measure K-12 schools, universities, and corporate/military/government environments worldwide. The QT is compatible with numerous query sorts like several choice, multiple response, numeric response, correct/false and short answer.

Additional, the business provides ResponseCard SDK that permits developers to integrate response technologies into Net-primarily based applications and instruction/technical help solutions. Turning Technologies, LLC Presents at BMO Capital Markets 14th Annual Back to College Education Conference, Sep-18-2014 Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York, New York, United States. Turning Technologies, LLC announced the forthcoming release of new response tools designed to respond to interactive polling questions and accommodate a variety of meeting environments. New QT Device is an RF keypad that features a QWERTY keyboard and input for richer information collection.

ResponseWare two. is an update to mobile response remedy that allows participants to respond with internet-enabled devices, enhancing user interface, decreasing bandwidth and adding new functions. The QT Device supplies the very same, reputable radio frequency (RF) technology and attributes as other Turning Technologies RF keypads, but with a full, ergonomic QWERTY keyboard for effortless text input.

For much more effective communication, ResponseWare two. allows for direct messaging (backchanneling) among participant and presenter. Decreased bandwidth improves response transmissions for a much more dependable connection. When used with accompanying TurningPoint Cloud polling software program, ResponseWare 2. supports images and HTML in inquiries and answers. The Turning Technologies system is funded through student acquire of a ResponseCard or ResponseWare license.… Read the rest


Clickers can be needed in courses exactly where faculty use them to take attendance, poll or quiz students, or get student feedback on comprehension of course material. The ResponseCard RF LCD (only utilised for polling) will price the student roughly $42.65 for new clicker at the campus bookstore and $32.00 at the Turning Technologies website. NOTE: If a student has a ResponseCard, they do not also need to buy a ResponseWare license. If you would like to attempt utilizing the clicker in your class this semester, you can request an instructor kit at the following link: /instructorkit The instructor kit comes with a clicker and a USB drive that has the software program on it and it also acts as a RF (radio frequency) device.

Below is a list of step-by-step instructions that you can print to help guide you or your students in employing Turning Technologies clickers. They can support you get the clicker registration set up for your class and they can show you how to get the clicker grades into Blackboard. More info about this clicker is offered at the Turning Technologies internet website. Please enter your GT account (e.g, gtg123h, or jsmith34, not the 9-digit number) into your clicker as the user ID.

Log on to , go to your course internet site, click Clickers on the left menu, and you will see directions on how to register your device there. Your clicker ID can be located at the bottom on the back of your clicker, for example, Device ID: 0DB23C. Georgia Tech does not have an institutional subscription license for ResponseWare. If you choose to make the purchase, please verify TurningPoint ResponseWare Purchase on how to acquire ResponseWare and the pricing info. Right after you acquire the license for utilizing ResponseWare, you will receive an email with your license code and instructions on setting up an account for using the application.

Soon after you set up the account, you will be given a device ID. You need to have to register your ResponseWare in T-Square with this device ID. If you can not find it in the bookstore, speak to Turning Technologies for getting. Alert: The license fee is included when you purchase a new clicker from the University Bookstore. To register an older clicker, a Turning Account scratch-off card is needed, available for obtain from the University Bookstore. Note: In some courses, you might need to have to click Tools on the left and then click Turning Account Registration.

Press a corresponding crucial on the clicker to submit an answer to a classroom clicker question. Some faculty members enable students to use the ResponseWare mobile clicker app nonetheless, to use the app, students are still needed to buy a clicker license. ResponseWare is an app for iPhones , iPads and Android that can be utilised in spot of a clicker where there is enough Wi-Fi coverage. Students can also access ResponseWare in a Web browser To join a classroom clicker session using ResponseWare, students … Read the rest

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Campus-wide solutions attain all levels of university life with choices that range from rapid polling or committee voting to standardized exams or institutional evaluations. We encourage faculty members to continue to use technologies in their efforts to convert courses, especially big enrollment courses, into active learning environments. However, we hope to market awareness that student economic challenges could be a barrier for them in making use of some of these technologies. These technologies have been shown to increase student learning and we want to continue to harness that energy, but we want to do so in a way that does not disadvantage specific groups of students.

Heidi Blair, Ph.D. , College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Rene Tanner, ASU Libraries, showcased solutions and technologies that are available for totally free. More than the summer season I have been supervising an internship project with the purpose of finalising a set of exisiting digital photos for display within a web page turning application. Google is generally my buddy but googling the problem surfaced only suggestions geared towards distinct tools and technologies – not the generic guides to very good practice in this area that I was hoping for.

It may possibly be required to take some photos that would not be utilized inside the web page turning application but that record valuable info about the physical volume. This perform is licensed beneath a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. International License This applies to the texts of the blog posts. There are three emergent technologies that I propose to commence utilizing in my public speaking classes (see below).

Classroom clickers: For the two purposes of audience-evaluation and critiquing of speeches, I’d like to experiment with utilizing hand-held student response method keypads or clickers (the college already has TurningPoint’s clickers and software program). Surveys: To know if utilizing the 3 emergent technologies has been valuable to the students, one tool I program to use would be fairly simple surveys for the students to supply their feedback. Glassdoor has 44 Turning Technologies reviews submitted anonymously by Turning Technologies personnel.

My own observations: By keeping a class diary of my observations about how the various technologies seemed to be working or not (as effectively as any suggestions on practices to increase how factors go in the future), I will be in a position to reach some conclusions by the time term ends. The Center for Instructional Technologies also gives confidential consultation to all faculty and staff for the objective of understanding, managing and integrating existing and new technologies into their teaching and operate. The iPad can also be utilised as a communication board or augmentative communication device.… Read the rest

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See his story: Vietnam veteran Michael Sasseen completed his degree by earning Experiential Studying Credit (ELC) from his past experiences authoring a book and working with war veterans with PTSD. Each Intel and AMD are usually working towards newer and better technologies to achieve marketplace share. It would not be wrong to say that it is this competitors that has offered these companies the impetus to bring in a lot more inventive and efficient processor technologies. Audience response system is utilized to take actual time feedback from audience and to produce instant report in numerous formats. Student response system is used to assess classroom functionality and to produce excitement in teaching and learning.

The very first interactive technologies is named Response Ware by Turning Technologies (Turning Technologies, 2002-2010). Response Ware is an application that can be down loaded to cellular devices (Turning Technologies). This interactive technologies does not need special software program or alterations to the firewall or port settings are necessary (Turning Technologies). Finally, Turning Technologies supplies each and every the solutions necessary (Turning Technologies). The standard premise of this technologies enables students to engage in queries and answer sessions employing several-option, alphanumeric, numerous response, and essay variety answers (Turning Technologies).

In essence, OGCT incorporates Response Ware technology in which student’s engage in questions and answer sessions and have the availability of a practical complete working personal computer. As of now the understanding is the iPad is a larger version of the iPhone, the Response Ware technology performs with the iPad. Distance education trends: Integrating new technologies to foster student interaction and collaboration Electronic version. I left school that day soon after slaving at those slides for 45 minutes with practically nothing to show for it and dejectedly crossed my name off the clicker list for the subsequent day.

I consider that has to be the nature of any educator acting as an early adopter of technologies. Turning Technologies attained the No. 1 market position in a 1st-quarter 2012 report delivered by independent analysis firm Futuresource Consulting. Clickers and devices make sure that responses to interactive inquiries are transmitted accurately, timely and effortlessly to audience response systems.

During the initial quarter, a lot more than 34 percent of all clicker” response devices shipped worldwide were distributed from Turning Technologies, more than the second- and third-biggest providers combined. The two Semester Research project managed by the Reed Group, LLC in partnership with Thomson Finding out, Turning Technologies and the University of Illinois located that 87% of students have been far more most likely to attend class and 72% far more students have been likely to participate in class. If the device is not charging, carry out a hard reset as described in the frozen-screen section above.… Read the rest

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This How-To guide describes the approach of utilizing the Turning Technologies Hardware Updater application to update massive groups of clickers requiring a firmware update. A $100 Windows CE netbook is reportedly promoting briskly at CVS drug shops in the U.S. The Sylvania device contains a seven-inch, 800 x 480 pixel screen, a 300MHz Through VT8505 processor, 128MB of RAM and 2GB of flash storage, plus 802.11b/g wireless networking, according to its manufacturer. The Sylvania netbook mimics more costly netbooks with characteristics such as three USB 2. ports, an sd slot, and audio I/. Digital Gadgets cites 802.11b/g wireless networking, and adds that the device contains stereo speakers. Some of the other reasons are corrupt device drivers, defective hardware and software program conflict.

Like the Smartbook 7, which, we’re confident, came from the identical Shenzhen-primarily based supplier, the Sylvania device is mentioned to incorporate an 1800mAh battery. The device is stated to include additional software such as Windows Media Player and Wordpad. Although not properly documented, these CPUs seem to be versions of the ARM9-primarily based Prizm 8510, announced final year by By means of subsidiary WonderMedia Technologies. Based on the type of laptop and private preferences, USB, Pc Card, ExpressCard, or even PCI card adapters can be utilized.

WonderMedia Technologies bills itself as a fully owned subsidiary of Via Technologies that is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with teams in Shenzhen and Beijing, China, and Silicon Valley, Calif. The sign-up method involves supplying credit card info on-line or by phone and selecting a service program. The first step to be accomplished in case your Bluetooth cursor is not working is to add your device to your pc once again.

The ‘On’ button on the wireless mouse may well be quite small and you will want to use a paper clip to reach it. After turning each the devices on, restart the computer. Drivers are essential for any hardware device to effectively communicate with the Operating program and Wireless mouse is not an exception. This student response technique is developed to support engage the pc generation.

By connecting a laptop to external monitor, you can also verify if the problem is with the screen, motherboard, driver or video card. Due to the durability supplied by Flash cards, considerably of the equipment employed in digital photography still utilizes Compact Flash Memory card. Micro SD cards have replaced Mini SD cards as they offer you the exact same storage space with the identical speed, but in a smaller card.… Read the rest

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Turning Point Teacher Classroom – Find out ResponseCard’s product testimonials from the experts at this weblog. To speak to Turning Technologies, LLC, please check out Firm data is offered by Capital IQ. Please use this kind to report any information problems. When the instructor adopts Turning Technologies for 1 or a lot more courses, an instructor kit is supplied at no price, which includes the USB receiver, TurningPoint software program, ResponseCard for testing, PresenterCard, and user guides. The Technologies Resource Center provides a complete array of assistance and assistance alternatives to assist faculty efficiently implement the Turning Technologies program.

In addition to 1 on 1 and in-class training, TRC employees will also operate with you individually to determine approaches for utilizing the Turning Tech technique to achieve your distinct instructional objectives. To request the Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT for your class, consist of ISBN Quantity: 978-1-934931-45-5 in your textbook requisition. Tutorials incorporate videos and documents for the new Turning Technologies 5 and legacy versions.

The receiver and a student clicker to be used for testing presentations are supplied to the instructor at no charge. Turning Technologies has an array of sources and videos to assist instructors decide which characteristics fit their certain require. All Turning Technologies computer software is free and available for download at the Turning Technologies web site and integrates with Blackboard, allowing grades to be directly imported into the grade center.

Instructors allow the Turning Technologies Constructing Block function in Blackboard which enables students to register their device. Although the Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT is the recommended audience response system at ECU, it is essential to check with your instructor to establish which model will be utilized for a class. If you wish to install the Turning Technologies application on your personal computer, it is obtainable in the Faculty Download Center.

Audience response devices, or Clickers, are developed to actively engage students during the whole class period, gauge students’ level of understanding of presented material, and offer prompt feedback to the instructor, who can simply upload a grade to Blackboard from polled responses (TurningPointsoftware required). Regardless of whether a very first-time user or just require to know what is new, Turning Technologies has an array of sources and videos to help instructors determine which functions match their particular need.… Read the rest

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It has occurred to a handful of students that they didn’t answer inquiries in the proper way with their clickers and they didn’t recognize it in the course of the entire semester. It is not advisable for two or a lot more students to share the same clicker for the duration of a semester due to the fact every Device ID is distinctive to the student. New Students – A student who is buying or using a clicker or ResponseWare for the initial time. Students who own a clicker but do not have a Turning Account – A student who has a clicker but has not employed ResponseWare. A student who currently owns a clicker (ahead of Fall 2015), who has bought a Turning Account License from the Sun Devil Campus Retailer. Please note that these 3 letters are not employed in any device ID: , I, and L (NO OIL).

Students who previously used ResponseWare – A student has already designed a Turning Account and has purchased a license or needs to buy one particular. Note – If you have a Turning Account/ResponseWare license card, enter your license code in the License field and click Validate. A student has currently developed a Turning Account and has bought a license or demands to buy 1.

The license code is discovered on the FRONT of your license card (person, scratch-off or little card contained in a clicker bundle box). A. If you have a Turning Account/ResponseWare license card, enter your license code in the license field and click Validate. TurningPoint Cloud is an Audience Response application package presented by Turning Technologies, permitting you to respond to polling questions in classroom lectures. If you are employing a laptop, you only need to have to log into the ResponseWare website after making an account. When you have your clicker or Turning license, you will require to register it to your course in Springboard.

If you have a sensible device (iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry) or a laptop and your instructor will enable you to use it in class, you will want to obtain only a Turning license from the bookstore on campus. If you do not have a wise device or your instructor does not allow the use of a smart device in class, you will want to purchase a clicker. Bear in mind to redeem your $15 rebate through Turning: The rebate code is: rUak15 (The U is capitalized and 15 are numerals).

If you have a previously employed eInstruction (CPS) clicker, you can trade it in to the bookstore for a $7.00 present card that can be used for purchases in the bookstore. The ResponseCard QT (can be utilised for testing and polling) will expense the student roughly $53.35 for a new clicker at the campus bookstore and $40.00 on the Turning Technologies internet site. The license will expense the student $15 for a 1-year license and $32 for a 4-year license at the Turning Technologies internet site.… Read the rest

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As an instructor, you can create instant polling inquiries from Net content material, PDF’s, Microsoft Office products, whiteboards and more. ResponseWare enables students and faculty to participate in sessions utilizing a selection of devices like cell phones and computer systems. Instead of utilizing a ResponseCard clicker, students use ResponseWare to participate in the interactive polling session, transforming their laptop or mobile device into a virtual clicker. Instructors can run a ResponseWare session at the very same time they are conducting a traditional TurningPoint (PowerPoint or Anywhere Polling) session.

Query and answer choices are displayed on the device whilst polling is open and students use the keypad on their device (either alphanumeric entry on a net-enabled cell telephone or the keyboard on intelligent phones and computer systems) to submit their answers. Even so, in order to permit students to take complete benefit of the functions of some mobile devices, a device-specific ResponseWare application is also available to download for use with iOS, Android, or BlackBerry devices.

This makes it possible for the students to respond to the polling questions making use of either ResponseCard clickers or the devices listed above. Be certain to convey this to the participants so they know which session to access when they open ResponseWare (either by making use of the mobile app or going to ). NOTE: Students and faculty in the College of Pharmacy who have questions about ResponseWare accounts must speak to Victor Buehler ( [email protected] ).

Making use of a building block within Blackboard, students can register their ResponseCard clickers registration will permit instructors to generate a participant list that hyperlinks the students’ names on a Bb roster with the ID of the clicker utilized during an interactive session. Each ResponseCard is occasionally registered or assigned to an person student, and responses can be saved for information evaluation.

To register a device so that it can be linked to a distinct particular person in a participant list, students need to enter the alphanumeric code on the back of the ResponseCard clicker (or their ResponseWare ID if they are using that choice). The TLPDC has a lengthy standing partnership with Turning Technologies and supplies restricted assistance for these devices.… Read the rest