Assistive Technology Devices For The Blind And Visually Impaired (2)

Even if some men and women are blind or visually impaired, the improvement of assistive technology has brought several possibilities for them in the areas of education and employment. With the use of the most current pc technologies and other devices, the blind and visually impaired can do more everyday tasks alone now specially in reading and studying stuffs. Despite the fact that the Thought makes use of the term device”, it is critical to recognize that assistive technology devices required by students with disabilities include hardware and software program as nicely as stand-alone devices. Nearly any tool can be regarded to be an assistive technology device except for those assistive technology devices that are surgically implanted and have been excluded from the definition of an assistive technology device as defined in Thought. These devices frequently require to be modified or customized to meet the person requirements of a student with a disability.

The definition of an assistive technology device is really broad and offers IEP teams the flexibility that they want to make decisions about appropriate assistive technology devices for person students. Assistive technology involves technologies options that are normally deemed instructional technology tools, if they have been identified as educationally needed and documented in the student’s IEP. The above listed categories of assistive technology devices are not disability certain.

For instance, a classroom laptop with a word processing plan can be considered assistive technology for a student who demonstrates difficulty in writing and spelling if the IEP team has determined that it is educationally needed. A specific student with a disability might call for assistive technology options from a single or more of the above categories.

Assistive technology devices can be purchased from a regional retailer or a vendor that specializes in the production and sale of assistive technology devices. When determining assistive technology requirements, IEP teams ought to think about commercially available options that may be utilized as is” or ones that can be modified to meet the student’s distinctive wants.

For instance, a pencil grip is an assistive technology device that may be employed by a student with a physical disability to boost handwritten communication via rising the student’s grasp of and handle over his or her pencil. Students with various varieties of disabilities use adapted tape recorders initially created for visually impaired and blind children to access audio-taped reading supplies.